Wrap up

July 2013

We haven’t decided yet how much to write in the blog about our settling in, what its like to finish the trip and settle into the UK. In a way we think the trip is over so maybe the blog is over and on the other hand people have been asking how it is, and the trip ending is part of the trip.  It also feels such a different and significant time that maybe it is worth saving the memory for us and sharing a bit with others, anyway we’ll see. This may or may not be the last blog ~

A few stats to share:

Days travelled: 498

Kilometers travelled: 75,962  (47,200 miles)

Countries visited: 30

Borders crossings: 29 (doesn’t count the ones we didn’t have to stop at through Europe)

Road blocks we were stopped at: 81 (but waved through countless more! Namibia came out on top with 15)

Bribes solicited: 2 – but in hindsight one of the times we think he thought we were offering one so that may not count as he didn’t really ask

Bribes paid: 0 we didn’t intend to pay any but weren’t absolutely dead against it, we just didn’t come across it as often as expected! It affects locals much more from what we could gather. This doesn’t include Egypt. God only knows how much of what we paid went to whom and for what?!

Times we got properly stuck: 3 (two in mud and one in sand)

Wooden bridges we drove over: 44

Snakes: 31

Bites from march flies, tsetse flies and mozzies: about a billion

Health problems: a few grumbly bellies,  the odd head cold, I had a bad eye infection in southern Africa, Olly got very ill in Cairo for a few days otherwise all good. Nothing you might not experience over that period of time anyway!

Things stolen: 2  A walking stick Olly used for the Gorilla trek (literally a stick the guide cut for him while walking) that we had on the outside, tucked in the sand ladder in Egypt and a small mirror in Ethiopia

Times we felt threatened: 0 – even in big bad Africa

Number of brilliant, generous, warm, kind people: too many to count – especially in big bad Africa

We don’t really know how to end this so….. we wont. We may be back on the blog but if we are not we can be in touch anyway as we now have phone and internet!!!

Thanks for ‘listening’ and letting us share this with you, for your comments, your thoughts, prayers, encouragement and for coming along with us. For anyone who has stumbled on this as a dreamer- DO IT!!! Whatever your “it” is. Don’t worry about work, money, houses, practicalities- well you will worry a bit about that, but all of it will disappear once you are on the road. We are happy to have questions as others have helped us and besides any excuse to talk about it we will take! 🙂 We are so so lucky and grateful to have been able to do this and not a day has passed that we havent felt it.  We have been moved, touched, inspired and changed.

Lisa and Olly

13 thoughts on “Wrap up

  1. Thank you very much for taking us with you on your journey, Sadly, with the cost of fuel nowadays, this type of epic trip for the lone traveller will become rarer as time goes on. I have a dream (which is rapidly morphing into ‘had a dream’) to do a similar South – North trip. I have the vehicle (a 6X6 Defender with a live inside camper body) and I have the time. But when one retires with a moderately comfortable income, the feasibility of this type of trip fades into the distance rather rapidly. Your advice not to think about it but to DO IT is good. But do it when you are young and are able to travel roughly and relatively cheaply. The older you get the more your career will get in the way, and once you retire it might be too late.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for coming with us. It still surprises us people came along who don’t know us, but are just interested in overland travel, Its brilliant! We feel very lucky to have been able to make this journey and it is def not something everyone has the ability to do and yes as time goes on it seems to get a bit more complicated etc. We hope your dream with your Defender comes true in some form! All the best O and L

  2. Thanks for having us along for the ride! A deliciously cathartic experience. I’ll miss your exciting posts.

  3. Congratulations on arriving in Engand safe and sound. We followed you all the way and you brought back so many good memories of our overland trip (vengavamos.weebly.com) like you we were blown away with the African people. If you are anything like us it will take a while to settle back into normality. How about when you have time posting all the places you camped/stayed for the benefit of overlanders that follow. Dave and Julie

    • Thank you for the congratulations, yes we had an amazing time, its great to hear from others who have similar experiences. It is taking a very long time to settle in here in the UK. We have posted a few of our favourite or hard to find camp sites on the ‘Overland Bits n Bobs’ page on our blog, we may attach a gpx list of our camp spots in the next few weeks.
      L and O

    • Hi Terrence,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We are not planning to post our entire budget but are happy to answer any questions as they come in. To answer yours we do have fuel costs and a few other costs listed by country on our blog site under the ‘Overlander Bits n Bobs’ page. We spent about $11,000 on fuel over the whole 76,000km trip, this includes $4,000 on fuel in Africa over 35,000km ( average of $1.10 per litre). Landy averaged about 11litres/100km. All the best

  4. Hi Olly and Lisa, Thank you for the wonderful blogs along the way. It has been a fascinating read. All the best with settling into your time in the UK. I hope Lesley-Ann and I will get to see you both back in Oz. Warm wishes, Peter

    Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 21:06:17 +0000 To: petermarincowitz@hotmail.com

    • Hi Peter,

      Great to hear from you. We just wrote a message to Lesley Ann which is really to both of you. Thanks for your good wishes. We are trying to settle in a bit- need to but its hard and we also don’t want to let go of the trip! Happily we don’t have to! Def see you in Oz one day but in the meantime would love to keep in touch. All the best.

  5. I have really enjoyed sharing your journey with you and although I feel sad(I think-tried to identify the feeling) that it has come to an end and I won’t be seeing your blog pop up in my inbox and the excitement reading about your adventures, I understand that somehow one has to move forward. So if you continue to write I will be delighted to continue reading! But if you don’t I hope we can still keep up the correspondence and continue a sharing of experiences, thoughts and feelings! So interesting to read about stats. Lots of love L-A xx

    • Hi Lesley- Ann,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, great to hear from you as always. Thank you for the beautiful words and your encouragement and support since WA! You know more than most how we are feeling now. We don’t know about moving on just yet but it has to happen sometime. We may still have more blogging in us yet, not sure! But we are sure we would love to continue being in touch with you guys. We will email you with our skype details, love to catch up and talk about this settling in business! 🙂

  6. Hey Lisa & Olli!

    I’m working with a team of overlanders to improve the campsite listing database on iOverlander.com. We’ve heard many travelers using your waypoints and website to find accommodation on the road, and we’d like to ask permission to add your data to our website. Couldn’t find other contact information so that’s why I am using the comment function. 😉

    This is a completely volunteer run project, and we operate on a non-profit model. Meaning that we do accept donations, but any money we earn goes toward paying the hosting and application fees for the site. We intend to keep the site and iPhone app free to travelers forever.

    We would do all of the work to add your data to our site. You will have access to add, delete or correct any information in the future. Additionally, you will be given credit, via a link back your website. If it is a new point, that is not currently in our database, you will have a link on the left side of the page under “Contributed by”, if it is an existing point, your data will be merged and your comments will be added on the right side as a checkin, again with a link to your profile and your site. Here is an example: http://ioverlander.com/places/110

    Please let me know if you are ok with this, we’d really love to add your information. Also, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Because this is a volunteer project is moves very slowly, but the progress on collecting data and building a functional web-based database has been momentous. We will be looking for experienced overlanders to help us make this site work for everyone, and welcome and assistance and feedback you can provide.

    I myself recently got back from a one year trip through Africa and am looking forward to use iOverlander’s data when returning there next year. 🙂

    Kind regards from Norway

    Fabian Plock

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