Happy New Year!

1 January 2013- Kunene River, Namibia

Happy New Year! 2013, remember when it was turning 2000 and we all thought that was so strange?! Its 11:30 am here and we are both slightly wooly and tired after a late night, which we have not done for a long time! Late nights dont mix well with the sun getting us up early.  We have just eaten a treat of a cooked breakfast at our great campsite on the bank of the Kunene River, looking across into Angola.

The day before yesterday we went up to Epupa Falls, a roaring break in the river with spray flying high, baobab trees rising from the rock guarding over the foaming waters.  We drove for miles, heading north through the dry stoney landscape. The bare stoney soil, covered by low acacia trees, supported a surprising number of cow and goat herds, most of them wandering across the road. We would drive for many kilometres and then come across a few Himba mud-roofed huts huddled together. Heading over the last rise we saw a lush ribbon of green lining a river and the faint cloud of mist rising from the falls. It was such a stark contrast, lines of palm trees and lush vegetation running through this dry land. We camped that night just upstream of the falls, the roar of thundering water blocking out all the night noises and us enjoying a great deep sleep. Yesterday we decided to come here, to a lodge in the middle of nowhere that is east of Epupa Falls. We arrived after driving a few hours and luckily grabbed the last camp spot, they were unexpectedly busy with holidaying Namibians. It’s a stunning spot and a great camp right on the river in the shade of big trees. We have been taking advantage of the patchy wifi on offer and just pottering around.


How much more precarious can this one get?


A few seconds earlier everyone had the red thing on their nose… really! They had
bought us all shots and were showing us how to do them Namibian style!

Last night we had a few drinks at the bar on the veranda on the river. We had dinner at landy with some nibbles first- my how times have changed- we normally have a feast of amazing nibbles, different cheeses and dips, several types of biscuits, a very posh picnic for NYE. These days we are happy to find cheddar and we eat it like its gourmet goats cheese! Certainly no dips or other goodies! By 9:30 we were pretty well ready for bed and thought we might just try to stay up until midnight to say a little toast. About 10:30 we decided to join the festivities in the bar and met a couple, from Walvis Bay (on the coast) we had seen them in a landy on the side of the road a few days ago- they had assured us they were fine and we went on our way, well here they are! They are here with a group of four other mates and happily took us into their group for the rest of the night. We are so glad we didn’t go to bed as we ended up having a great night! The whole place was full of friendly drunken Namibians who soaked us in bubbles at midnight and loved the sparklers we pulled out (that we have had with us since we started on the trip!!) The actual countdown was a bit of confusion for us because a few people were counting down but we didn’t know what number they started on and they were counting in Afrikaans so we awkwardly tried to join in English then just cheered when everyone else did! So suddenly it was midnight and we had champers all over us, Olly was wet!

Tomorrow we are heading east, this is the furthest north we go for awhile, next Caprivi Strip, Botswana and beyond.

L and O


Epupa Falls



Happy New Year!!!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year We have just picked Val up ,she has been in PLet with Ryan and the kids xxx
    take care Judj and Brian

  2. Very Happy New Year to you both ! Wishing you health, love, laughter, excitement a plenty … plus everything else that you wish for yourselves, and more.

    • Hi val,

      Good to hear from you! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new years together! Must have been fun having kids around. We have about another week or so in Namibia then will be going to Botswana.lots of love

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