Cape Town post – extra photos


in the creche, township tour




these two followed us for awhile


lunch, township tour


Overlooking the city from Table Mountain. Its cold up there! Luckily we were warned so we took coats


Table Mountain- the clouds can come in quickly… and leave quickly



going down


our delicious breakfast this morning

3 thoughts on “Cape Town post – extra photos

  1. The photos of the children at the township tour are beautiful … Olly looks like you missed your vocation as a tutor !! And … isn’t Table Mountain worthy of its new status as one of the Wonders of the World ? Stunning !

  2. Hi Olly & Lisa, bumped into someone here in WA who is from Zimbabwe who indicated he can give you a couple of people’s names to contact when in Zim for some local knowledge and places to go. Let me know if you would like the details emailed to you?

  3. I just took a look at the pictures from your extra shots from Cape Town Looks like a great breakfast. The man with you and Olly is a little serious This whole Africa trip looks like a trip back in time for Olly! Must of been great for Olly to see all of the old places you went to and worked at! Really enjoying all of these picts and comments from you both. later,dad

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