19 November 2012

This is our third night on the road after leving Val’s and Durban.  We havent made it that far, just a couple of hours inland into the Drakensberg Mountains on the South African side of the Lesotho border.  its an area that I have been to a few times over the years, first on a family holiday 20 odd years ago, then a couple of times while working in Lesotho, once on my own and travelling through when my brother came out to visit.  Now, here I am again, this time sitting in an empty campsite with my wonderful wife on our crazily big trip.  It does seem quite big right now sitting in the comfort of an empty camp, next to the fire that just cooked a trout (not caught by us!) and our tea, thinking of the times ahead as we travel north into the unknown.

We have spent a couple of nights at Monks Cowl, and then tonight at Injisuti, both in the national park and surrounded by green lush hillsides interupted by huge bands of sandstone cliffs.  This is the time of year after the relatively dry winter that the rains cover every available space with lush greens and the rivers girgle.  Thankfully we havent been caught in any downpoors, but we have heard the rumble of thunder over the high mountains in the evening.  Its been great to stretch the legs and walk amoungst the hills, not so great to realise how much of a struggle it has become to get up them!  I could say that it is all the time behind the drivers wheel, but we have just had a long break from that.

Tomorrow we are going to head off early and head into Lesotho via the scenic route, up the Sani Pass.  It’s close to five years since I was last In Lesotho and I am looking forward to going back and driving through the stunning mountains again, and being able to show Lisa this beautiful country and great people.  We plan to cover quite a bit and go to some new spots for me too, obviously that will include a stop at the mine where I used to work.  It will be our first border crossing, a nice easy one to start!



Protea just opening up


IMG 4489

Landy in front of Monks Cowl, Drakensberg

2 thoughts on “Drakensberg

  1. Missed you guys- Thinking of you on Thanksgiving. You both look great. Beautiful area thanks for sharing. Love Mom

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