Hello Africa!

31 October 2012-Durban

We are here! We arrived on Monday the 29th after a 30 hour journey. The flights were uneventful (just how you want them!) although we did miss our connecting flight in Jo’burg to Durban. We had less than two hours when we arrived to catch our domestic flight – impossible, even if we had known exactly where to go in the airport. By the time we went through immigration and ran at top speed to collect our bags the flight was closed, never mind that we still had to check in for the domestic flight and go through security as well as get to the gate. Anyway we went to the South African Airways desk to get onto another flight to Durban and were told we would have to pay. We explained that the airline had chosen the connecting flight time not us and we missed it because of the wait at immigration, that was met with shrugs and instructions to go to the other side of the airport to the Singapore Airlines desk to get them to sort it. Singapore Airlines then told us to go to South African Airways to have them sort it!  We dug our heels in, so after waiting in several more queues and going back and forth with Singapore Airlines they agreed they had not given us the standard minimum two hour transit time so they gave us a voucher and sent us back across the airport to South African Airways again, this time success, and we were on another flight to Durban. We arrived in Durban and it was great to see Val (Olly’s friend from when he worked in Lesotho) waiting for us. She whisked us to her place and has been a wonderful hostess!

Landy is still on the water and we got in touch with Maurita (the local shipping agent) to get the latest, and let her know we are in Durban and to please keep us updated on any landy news. We are both anxious for her to arrive (safe and well). At this stage she is still scheduled to arrive on time (5th Nov) 🙂

The last few days we have both been pretty shattered with jet lag, the time difference is now only a few hours from the UK and I always feel half dead for the first few days when we go there.  We are both very tired in the morning and early evening but ok during the day and I’m feeling brilliant about 2 am! Its been rainy (and much more humid than Sydney, more like Qld) and have been happy to mostly hang around Val’s house. Val has been so warm and welcoming and so helpful! We went to get a sim card for our internet and phone, that turned out to take half the day! We expected to need our passports but were not expecting to need proof of address (or if staying at a hotel they could write us a letter saying how long we are staying and then they would have to take the letter the police station to be witnessed and stamped, what hotel would do that?!) anyway Val was happy to just buy them for us, we have assured her we will not engage in criminal activity with them!

I have spent ages on the phone and internet to hire us a car and book some accommodation as we have decided to go away for 6 days while we wait for landy. It’s not exactly in the budget but it’s too long to stay in Durban and we are itching to get out and see things! For some reason booking places and the car have taken ages, but its all sorted now and we are leaving tomorrow for St Lucia (up the coast) and then on to some game reserves.  We have been chatting with Val this afternoon about game reserves and animals very exciting! It’s also been great to hear lots of stories about Murdoch (Val’s husband who passed away last year) from Val and Olly. It’s such a shame I did not get to meet him but I feel like I’m getting a bit of his character.

We will be back to Durban Tuesday afternoon in the meantime here are a few Sydney photos.


DSCN2542 001

This wasn’t planned, but a happy coincidence as we were walking through the city centre. Tom is still campaigning, go Tom 🙂

DSCN2578 001

Out and about walking around the harbour, one of our favourite Sydney things to do.

DSCN2599 001

One last paddle


Sculpture by the sea, Tamma Beach

3 thoughts on “Hello Africa!

  1. Thank God!! I am so glad that you have made it and are starting out on your great adventure!! Be safe! We love you!

  2. Hey you two, this all sounds amazing. what an adventure just as you planned/ Just wanted to say thanks for staying in touch this year. It’s been a tough one. Still we gotta keep going. Do you still have your mobile to hand? TSy i touch. SAS and the rest xx

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