Sydney now Singapore and beyond

28 October 2012

Singapore?! Yep, not the most direct way from Sydney to Durban but thats what we are doing. There are times in life when time is more valuable than money and other times money is worth more than time. At the moment we have more time. Right now we are in the airport at Perth, we arrived a few hours ago and have a few hours until we leave for the second of the four flights we are taking to get to Durban. When I travelled in my 20’s I took flights that had heaps of stop overs if they were cheaper but recently its been non stop wherever possible, this was a bit cheaper so here we are, only I didn’t have lounge access in my 20’s. 🙂

I had a real what the f*&ck are we doing moment on the flight from Sydney. I suddenly thought about everything at once, which I have not done for awhile. I was feeling teary after saying bye to Alice and Tom and suddenly thoughts of border crossings, warnings about Africa, settling in the UK etc – all the hard stuff flashed before my eyes.I have so little mental image of what’s ahead that I guess my mind sometimes fills in the details. I had a little chat with myself and Olly and reminded myself what we are doing and why. Sometimes the things that are the most exiting are the also the most nerve racking.

Anyway I have had a glass of wine and some lunch and have decided (again) to just take it as it comes- and not think of it all at once. Its nothing like when we left Sydney for our travels though- this time there was no landy to worry about, we have already accepted the unknown, it feels like we have already said our byes for the most part and are not thinking of the ‘we dont have an income, left good jobs, a great home, a great life etc…’ thats all done.

I have no doubt it will take a little while to settle into landy again and some time to get used to being a bit more cautious but its exciting. We still have a 9 hour flight a 4 hour lay over a 11 hour flight, a 0ne hour lay over and a one hour flight!!  Im pretty sure I will feel nervous and excited several times over before thats all done! I have our wildlife book though, that keeps me smiling.

Before we arrived in Sydney part of me wanted to just keep going, we were settled and loving it and I guess I was a little concerned about getting sucked back in to Sydney city life. Of course part of me was so looking forward to proper chats with real mates and sharing life with people we love. Well after being there for a month I didn’t feel sucked in- I loved seeing people, real friends are such a gem in life and at the same time I have felt slightly disconnected, in between (which we have been), there in that familiar place but not really there and I feel different. It took me about a week or so to get used to sleeping in a house. Our travels have made an impact on me and I can already feel how hard it will be to let them go. I cant wait to see the stars from bed and be so familiar with the cycle of the moon and feel that connection again.

Friday night we met some other people who are currently planning similar trips to us, two couples who both got in touch on the blog and asked it we had time to catch up in Sydney. So there we were six people, three couples- they know about us as they have seen our blog but we know much less about them. Within literally a few minutes of us all arriving we were talking and laughing – passion, excitement and ideas flowing! It was great to feel so encouraged, so understood and to hear about their plans. Its weird how doing something like this makes you feel separate from people (we have been told that would happen).  So Kirsty and Gareth, Sophie and Richard thanks for a great night of excitement and enjoy your planning and everything else that brings.

Below is a blog I wrote but didn’t get around to finishing and posting not long after we got to Sydney….

5 October 2012

Hopefully landy is on a ship at sea right now on her way to Durban. As for us we are in Sydney enjoying being with friends. Sydney certainly feels very busy and noisy to me but of course its great to be with good friends. Its so very comfortable to be at Alice and Tom’s place as they make us so welcome and its great to be with people we know and love.

A few of my thoughts and observations:

My feet are clean for the first time in months- showering without shoes is nice!

Living in a house is SO easy- cooking in a kitchen, hot and cold water from the tap, indoor toilet, having space to walk around and put things and more than one spot to sit. It is so noticeable how much time most of us normally spend indoors! How insulated we are from so much. Some of it pretty nice to be separated from – wind and rain but birds and the bush less nice to be cut off from.

I miss brushing my teeth while looking at the stars, I have tried looking out the window in Randwick but its not the same.

In a way its nice to be cosy up watching telly and in other ways I miss outdoors!

I’m so excited to go to South Africa.


We are off soon. So next post from South Africa! 🙂

We will add some Sydney photos when we put them on the computer.


4 thoughts on “Sydney now Singapore and beyond

  1. So good to meet you guys too! I left on Friday feeling so excited about the trip,am so jealous that your big adventure is starting right now… We’ve got another 5months!! Good luck with the trip, take it day by day and don’t forget to keep posting. Sophie x

  2. Glad to see that you are on you way again. Look forward to hearing about your African leg of the trip.Yes you’ll miss family and friends but you will suprised how often you can get internet access in Africa. Not sure if you are going north the West or East route. If its East have a look at Luke and Shell are going north at the moment and I am sure they can give you uptodate info. They have recently got the awkward Ethipoia and Sudan visas. Good luck and enjoy.

  3. Hi Olly and Lisa ,have been following your blog and enjoying it very much. I am in the early stages of planning a cape town to uk trip hopefully sometime in 2015 and was wondering if you could advise some of the costs for the vehicle ? Freight , carnet ,customs etc . Thanks and hope it continues to go well for you both . Peter

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