Sydney bound

26 September 2012

So here we are at the airport in Perth, we have about 4 hours until we are off to Sydney. We spent much of yesterday getting all packed and sorted, us packed for Sydney and Durban and Landy packed for shipping. This morning we dropped Landy at the cargo depot. As instructed by the shipping company we asked for Glen who simply said ‘yep we just need the keys and you can go’. We hung around a few minutes asking how they would tie her down and if there was anything else we need to do. He assured us they will tie her down and seal her up in the container, which wont be opened until Durban. Nothing we can do now except leave her in the (very capable) hands of the shipping people and pick her up in Durban, all going well the first week in November.  Before we knew it we were in the back of a taxi heading towards the airport, looking at each other nervously and surprised how quickly our home had just been separated from us!

I was feeling excited, nervous, and a bit fidgety this morning when we were on our way to drop her off. We both feel like it’s a big day and dropping Landy off feels strange, we may be at a bit of a loss without her! In a way I would like to go to South Africa now and just keep the trip going as we are so settled in to travelling, loving it and I don’t want to over think the next part of the trip but it will be really good to be in Sydney with friends. We both are so looking forward to arriving at Alice and Tom’s place tonight and over the next few weeks being with people who know us and we are part of their story and them ours, if that makes sense. Just typing it now makes me look forward to seeing my people, babies, new houses and generally catching up on the lives of people- not online or over the phone but by being there.

We have had a good week or so since arriving in Perth. We so enjoyed a wonderful evening with Kate and John in Busselton (the lovely couple we met in Broome). They welcomed us into their home with warmth, stories of the Canning Stock Route and a gorgeous meal. They even invited us back while they were away for the weekend when the weather turned very fowl! We have met some fabulous people!

We headed further south and based ourselves in Yallinup for a few days while we explored the area, a place I lived for a while about twelve years ago.  I was eager to experience it with Olly if we had time. I was reminded why I wanted to go back- amazing rocky beaches being pounding by the enormous waves rolling in, fabulous wine and food, a great art scene and  magical forests that makes me gasp, still. The weather was pretty awful and the wind gave our pop top a real test, all good though. Friday was the worst of the weather and we spent it tasting wine and spoilt ourselves to a scrumptious lunch while watching the vineyard get pounded by howling wind and horizontal rain.  I have been feeling a bit ordinary with a sore throat and ear and really itchy sore eyes so have been happy to take it easy most days.

Sunday morning we took our brekkie across the road from the caravan park as the wind had dropped and the rain was done so we sat and watched the waves dwarf the surfers, becoming tiny people paddling out and riding the enormous pumping waves.

We have spent the past few days in Perth having a look around and have met up with a few people as well, Olly’s old work mate from Lesotho and his wife as well as a travelling couple we have been running in to on and off since the Pilbara.

Olly just finished updating the trip map for Australia, the last one we will do. Wow, its been a lot of kms and 7 months of seeing this amazing big land. What a time its been. Sydney seems far away and South Africa seems dreamy never mind Ethiopia. We are both ready, excited and looking forward to more.




3 thoughts on “Sydney bound

  1. Well leaving the Landy behind was strange for us too. We sold ours but you have the next leg to look forward to. The break will be good and now you can plan Africa. We are jelous of you both, you’ll love Africa. Make the most of your Australian wine. Mind you South African wine is great too!!! LOved reading about your trip around Oz. Will you post more info on the places you stayed?

  2. hi guys, hope you are enjoying a bit of downtime. must be planning like crazy. I am planning a similar trip with my wife and would like to meet up while you are in Sydney to have a chat about the Africa section to compare notes and routes. etc. drop us an email if you are interested. all the best. Richard & Sophie.

  3. hi you two, where has the time gone! Soon you’ll be on your way to Africa I am so excited for you guys. My love and thoughts are always with you. Take care love Mom

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