A catch up

19 September 2012

We are sitting by the waterfront in Busselton, south of Perth overlooking a long jetty stretching almost 2km out to sea. We’re finding it a bit chilly, although the sun is out, it has only hit the mid 20’s today and we really feel like we are in a different season. In a way its kind of nice not to be hot all day but it will take some getting used to after so many months of the same weather every day – 35 to 38 degrees and sunny.

We were both surprised to realise we’ve not posted a blog for a bit.  The last few days have raced by with a lot happening.

From Shark Bay we made our way to Kalbarri, there was a dramatic change in vegetation and weather as we approached.  It seemed as though we had popped out of the arid bush into lush green farm land and with heaps of beautiful native flowers lining the road.  I really enjoyed the wildflowers, there were the muted colours that spring to mind when I think of Australian native flowers and also some shockingly bright yellows and pinks.  As we were pulling away from a brief stop we were waved down by Peter and Leslie Ann who had also stopped to enjoy the flowers. Peter and Leslie Ann are the couple from Sydney we met all those months ago near Fraser Island and ran into again last week or so in Exmouth.  Since then we have been bumping into them here and there and met up in Coral Bay for drinks which turned into a lovely evening, chatting for hours. We followed each other into Kalbarri and booked into the same caravan park. Later on they invited us to join them for a cliff top walk, we spent the afternoon chatting and whale spotting. We both really enjoy their company and were delighted to run into them again. That evening we invited them over to ‘ours’ for dinner and once again enjoyed a brilliant time with them. We feel like we have made new friends on the road!  Its not often you meet people and feel so comfortable so quickly. What a joy. We won’t run into them again but look forward to the diner invite we have for a few years time!

We had a deadline to get Perth, shipping documents to pick up and Landy booked in for a service so we left Kalbarri after only one night and headed south down the coast onto Cervantes, near the Pinnacles. We went to see the Pinnacles at dusk and were so glad we did. They are unusual limestone formations, which look like dilapidated tombstones sticking up out of a sandy desert.  As if hundreds of termite mounds had been petrified on the spot. In the fading light they are spectacular and eerie. Each one was shaped differently and threw stretching shadows across the desolate sand.

The next day (Monday) we were off to the big smoke, and boy did we feel it!  Hundreds of traffic lights, people, noise, buses, hustle and bustle.  We sprang into action mode and got heaps of jobs done, the most exciting being picking up the carnet, Landy’s passport. We walked away from the office with big grins and did a little dance on the footpath.

Yesterday we took Landy for a full service and check up. We had a recommendation for a good Landy mechanic from our mate Daniel in Sydney and it was good to be dropping her off with someone who didn’t groan at the site of a Defender!  She had all of her oils changed, a seal replaced and a big check up for the long road ahead.  The mechanic (Kevin from Jordan Rover-Tech) had good things to say about Landy, she drives well and is in good condition. She’s ready for it! Music to our ears! That will hopefully boost our sense of security for awhile.

This morning we had a wander around Freo (Freemantle) the lively older port town now part of Perth. We enjoyed walking around looking at the old buildings and ducking in and out of a few shops. As we walked I really noticed that we are in a city, the people are different, shops are more trendy and unlike the shops in rural and regional area, which are very practical- hardware, auto, food. We walked by boutique clothing and shoe shops, and went into a travel bookshop and had a cuppa at a funky cafe with things like smoked salmon bagels and plenty of veggie food- a big change! We both also felt a bit shabby in our dusty camping clothes and Olly felt like a hair and shave was due.

Tonight we are staying in the luxury of four walls!  A very nice couple we met at the writers festival in Broome has invited us to stay at theirs, so after a walk along the jetty we look forward to spending the evening with Kate and John. Tomorrow we will make our way to Margaret River, an area well known in Australia for its wine. We are looking forward to scooting between wineries and spoiling ourselves with a nice lunch.

We can hardly believe we will then go back to Perth and get Landy ready to ship and ourselves ready for month in Sydney.  We leave Perth in a week!

L and O



3 thoughts on “A catch up

  1. Am vicariously enjoying the travels! Thank you for all your posts. We are looking forward to catching up with you in person soon! love from the Ms.

  2. Hi Olly and Lisa, Great to meet you both in Freo today (Sunday 23 Sept), we have signed up to follow your trip and will look through some of the previous posts to see where you have been so far. Andrew & Annie.

    • Hi Andrew and Annie,
      It was great to catch up, very glad you were in town. Really good to meet you again Annie. Keep in touch and we’ll do it again when we’re back in Oz! I’ll say gday to Liqhobong for you.

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