Bye Bye Broome

20 August 2012

Landy is good. We are good. I hope those two things are not inextricably linked!  Tomorrow we are heading east.  Time to hit the road again.  This morning we were at the mechanics at 7, he had a look and went on a test drive with Olly and said its just a bit loose in one of the steering bushes but its nothing to worry about at all. We were in disbelief when we left, as we had been talking about ordering parts and how long we would have to stay on in Broome etc etc. Olly felt confident that he had a good look at it and it’s ok. So $20 later she is all good, well she was before that but we are all good now!  Ahhh… relief. She’s a creaky old (er) lady.

We spent the morning at the beach looking at flights and booking in the shipping- on the 4 Oct landy should be on the way to South Africa! We still need to hear the official confirmation of the departure date as well as the day we need to drop her off (they need her at least 7 days before the ship leaves). Once that is locked in we will book the flights we have our eyes on. We will be going to Sydney for a few weeks until we meet landy in Durban.

We are leaning towards going ahead with the Canning Stock Route but will make the final decision based on us and landy after the Bungles. If all is well we will go for it and if not we will go as far south as Wolfe Creek and then come back this way and go down the coast.

We have had a lovely day sorting stuff, pottering, swimming and walking on the beach. At the moment we are waiting for our soup to finish simmering for dinner.

We are both feeling very excited!

Ready to be in the bush again.


Sunset walk on Cable Beach


6 thoughts on “Bye Bye Broome

  1. Hi team,
    Good to hear alls well with the old Landie.
    Enjoying all ur news luv from all at the farmxxxx

    • It’s nice to think that people we care about are able to catch up with what we are doing every now and then. We think and chat about you guys often. 🙂

  2. Lovely to hear you sounding so positive and “up”. Good luck with Landy’s next leg on the big adventure. I love the photo of you two silhouetted against the sunset … just gorgeous. xx

  3. Hi guys,
    Am loving the blog, makes me really jealous when I am sitting at work! You’ve definitely made the right decision to ship the Landie to Africa, you would always have regretted it if you hadn’t. As for the Canning Stock Route, it looks awesome, get on it! Take care though.

    • Hi Ross,
      Glad you have something to look at work now!!
      Thanks for the encouragement, we were so glad we got out there and did it. Our thoughts are increasingly turning to our next leg – Africa. Hope you are well and look forward to hearing what you are both up to.

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