19 August 2012

Last night we had decided to head off tomorrow.  We are keen to get on the road again.  Early this morning blurry eyed we discussed it once again and decided it was worth it to stay here a few more days and pin down this steering clunk while we are staying in a nice town with mechanics, rather than finding out exactly what it is somewhere on the road, when it lets go!  We have been struggling to decide if we should go (as planned) down the Canning Stock Route or just go down the coast which is much easier and more secure in that its a an actual road (rather than remote track) with a few services along the way if anything goes wrong, this will hopefully give us a bit of peace of mind.

Our next stage of the trip is to head east out to Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek and on to the Bungle Bungles, from there we will reevaluate depending on how we are going and how landy is going at that stage.We will either go south and go down the stock route or come back out to the coast and go down the highway.  It’s highway to Halls Creek and then apparently the road to the Bungles is rough – we met someone the other day who told us if the engine doesn’t shake out of landy on that road she should be all good for the Canning.

We are both feeling good about Africa stuff (today anyway ask us again tomorrow!)  things seem to be going smoother with organising the shipping. We have heard from the South African side of things regarding costs and more details on that end. We are hoping to book it in coming days as we will have internet for a few more days now so it would be great to get it locked in. We will then book flights to Sydney (where we have decided to go while landy is on the ship) and to South Africa. It’s all happening. 🙂 Exciting! I will be glad when its done as I don’t want to think away the rest of our time in WA- we still have some amazing things to see here that we are both looking forward to.

Anyway enough of that- we have thought about it all enough over the past few days!!


Yesterday afternoon we went to Gantheaume  Point in Broome where at very low tides you can see dinosaur foot prints! We had a look at the tide chart a bit ago and didn’t think we would still be here on the right days, but alas we are! So we went for an explore among the rock pools which are beautiful and it took awhile but we found them!  We were pootling along and I had just said “I wonder if we will know them if we see them” and just then we looked down at a three toed print staring back up at us.  We were walking at the exact spot a dinosaur had stomped (a little time gap in between though!). We spent a few hours wandering around in the rock pools, I love them, each one has so much happening a little world of its own. We found  another set further along as well. It was really fun to explore looking for dinosaur footprints!

As we drove from the camp site today and heard ‘the noise’ we looked at each other and smiled, we feel good about our decision to get it sorted. We are both lighter today.



The spectacular colours at Gantheaume Point, Broome

We found them!

3 thoughts on “Clunk

  1. i thought those were cassawary footprints for a second and i almost lost my mind. dinosaurs are alright too though… 😉

  2. Seems as you have enjoyed the break in Broome. You are certainly making us think more about returning to Australia. If you have any questions just ask away, if we can help we will. When we first had our Landy we used to hear every strange noise and rattle and think the worst, after driving a car everything seems to rattle! Getting back to normal life was very difficult. We missed being on the road and every day being different and of course the wonderfull people of Africa. Looking back we saw so much but missed so much too.

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