Broome (still)

17 August 2012

We are in Broome still. Our caravan park is right next to the beach so we have shade, swimming, toilets.. what more could we want while landy waiting?!

The leak we found the other day was thankfully a seal that only took one hour for them to replace so was not expensive but they did have landy all day and could not look at the other thing Olly wants looked at before we leave a town. So we took landy back in at 7 this morning and with any luck they won’t have her all day again. Just got a call- they will have it all day .mmmmm. Anyway we are keeping it all in perspective (well trying) because although it we have spent a lot of time sort out mechanical stuff its only been recently and mostly preventative or minor.

We have been trying to make the most of being here and getting some things done as well as enjoying the sunsets and sea. We hired a paddle board the other day. It was a beautiful, calm, crystal clear sea so we couldn’t resist. We each had a paddle on our own and also paddled (and splashed about and fell in) together. While we were playing the wind picked up a bit and I accidentally and stupidly went too close to the rocks where a wave was breaking. I ended up falling off on some rocks and my foot looked a little like I had taken a cheese grater to it. Im not good at controlling my surf board and paddle boards are massive so I was pretty nervous having one strapped to my leg coming at my head every time a wave hit. It was a bit silly as I should have just gotten the board ion the shore side of me then it would have just jerked on my leg and I would have been hit by just the waves and not the board as well. I got knocked around a little bit, a few bruises and limped for a few days. All good now.

We are sitting in the shade of a tree at our camp site both feeling anxious as well as excited. We have been semi frantcially making phone calls, looking online and emailing about flights, shipping of landy, carnet (the ‘passport’ required for landy so we don’t have to pay import taxes in every country) customs in Australia and South Africa, dangerous good tax, etc etc.

Obviously shipping landy to Africa and meeting her there for 6-7 months of travel then onto Europe is a major part of this trip…. now that its actually coming its a bit scary and our minds are buzzing with money, timing, flights, details and shipping abbreviations we have never heard of.

The start of the trip was a quiet stressful but once we let go of work and got going its been mostly smooth sailing since. I think the timing is also adding pressure as once we leave Broome our ability to phone, email, fax and scan will be very patchy until Perth. Each thing seems to rely on another (ie flights and carnet rely on the shipping) and we are waiting on people from two countries to get back to us about things.

We went for a walk on the beach last night and chatted while watching the sunset. We discussed how attached to, and invested in the trip we are, including taking landy with us and decided that we needed to set that all aside and discuss other possibilities. This included the possibility of selling our landy and buying a new one in SA or even just hiring a kitted out in vehicle in SA, if anything went wrong with a hire car we might still get stuck but at least when it got to the mechanic we would not have to pay the bill. Anyway we talked last night and this morning and although we know there are no guarantees we are going to make the whole trip as originally planned we decided we are shipping our landy. We have been travelling for 6 amazing, inspiring, fun, wonderful months and have seen some incredible things and it will be 7 months by the time we leave. Whatever we get to do from here is a bonus! So…. if we ship landy and she breaks down we will deal with it. All that matters is we are safe and that is no more or less likely in a hire 4 x 4 or a vehicle bought in SA. If all goes well and we get to travel for 6 months in Africa and a few months in Europe what a joy that will b,e but we will take what we can get! We are so very very lucky to have this dilemma.

Later… a few hundered dollars and 9.5 hours later we have landy back. We will need to decide in the next day or so if we are going west and will do the Canning Stock Route or not.


Cable Beach

4 thoughts on “Broome (still)

  1. Hi again just read all your blogs and am now “folowing” you. Don’t worry too much about the Landy, they are strong as hell, and the fact you have been on the road in Oz gives you a good chance to sort out any small things. We had 6 months in Africa and had no probs. Not sure if you have a selection of spares with you but if not they may be cheaper in Oz rather than South Africa. Have a look at prices online. If you go to Namibia we can recommend a really good Landy expert. You can contact us through our website.( Just enjoy every day, your doing what so many other people just dream about.

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for getting in touch and giving us encouragement! I hope you are managing to settle back into life in Spain after such a great trip. We have had a look at your blog and it is great, we will have to a more in depth read as we get closer to Africa. We may have a few questions for you at some point if that is OK?


  2. I ran across your blog while trying to research mechanics in Broome. My daughter is currently there and has to get her truck inspected. The garage she went to for a check up seemed really expensive. Did you have a good experience with your mechanic or did you find a mechanic that would do thing on the side so not to pay shop hours?

    • Hi Janine,

      We had difficulty finding a mechanic who had time to have a look while we were in Broome. We ended up getting two things done by Shinju Motor Group, which both failed less than 2,000km down the road. Before we left we did get Bob’s Workshop to have a look over. He was very genuine and at least you could deal with the mechanic himself, it was still a fairly big workshop though, we can’t really suggest a mechanic that could look out of hours. Hope you find someone.


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