Cape Leveque and back to Broome

13 August 2012

We are back in Broome after a few glorious beachy days up at Cape Leveque (Dampier Peninsula). We stayed in a very nice spot at a campground at Middle Lagoon, which has two beaches, one south west facing and other west facing. One perfect for a calm swim and a nice walk on the beach and one ideal to sit and watch the sun melt into the sea.

We made our way up the very bumpy very red road on Friday morning and hit the water as soon as we arrived at Middle Lagoon. We had a very pleasant afternoon reading (we are both completely engrossed in our current books) and swimming. Saturday we went right up to the top of Cape Leveque itself and the colours that met us were spectacular! The intensity of the colours is really incredible. There is rust red sandstone, white sands of the beach and of course the turquoise sea and deep blue sky. As so many times over the past months we were left looking for words besides amazing, fantastic and brilliant. So often we are left feeling words are inadequate! When we were at the writers festival book reading last week one of the things an author talked about was the difficulty in finding words to describe the details of something- she even used the example of calling the sea turquoise over and over again. Of course we are not writers but we both related to that!

Saturday afternoon Olly was looking at something or other under landy and noticed a bloody leak! He thought it looked as though it was just a seal but of course we didnt know. It was a real disappointment to see and our minds started racing “What is it”, “How much will it cost”, “How long will it take to get done”, and of course “What if this happened on the Canning Stock Route”. Anyway as we drove back to Broome on Sunday we tried to put it all in perspective- its most likely just a seal, its happened near a town (Broome is not a bad place to have to spend a few days waiting for a part!) and we are travelling thousands and thousands of km in a 1990s model Land Rover over rough roads for more than a year- these things will happen! We are both hoping this is the last of it for awhile though!!

Of course we couldn’t do anything with Landy yesterday (being Sunday) so we entertained ourselves with other things but Olly was a bit down and feeling stressed about it, and we had a ‘do we want to do the CSR conversation’ as well as the ‘why don’t we just go to Africa on a safari like other people’ conversation. At least then the vehicle stuff is not your problem! When we are down or stressed we occasionally go there but it only takes saying it out loud for us to look at each other and correct ourselves- we def want to go to Africa, in our landy and on our trip. Sometimes though… 🙂

First thing this morning we were at the mechanics. This is something we have done a few times over the past month. Last night Olly looked deep in thought and I asked him what was on his mind he replied “How mechanics can be so annoying” very matter of factly and carried on thinking. This is really on his mind a lot.

Anyway at the moment it looks at if we will get it sorted Wed morning all going well with the parts arriving in time (there are only 2 in Australia and thanks to Daniel one is on the way to us).

In the meantime we are just going to enjoy Broome- the sea and the sun setting into the sea before we head inland again. We are also vaguely aware, but trying not to be, that as we head south there will be a change in the weather. We have spent months in the tropics where there are wet and dry seasons and we have been here in the dry so that has meant months and months of 30 degree weather, clear skies and not a drop of rain. As we go south we will be reminded it is actually late winter in the rest of the country and it will be much cooler and more changeable weather. We will enjoy the warmth of the sea while we have it.

We spent this arvo at the beach again, Olly chatting to Nick and doing some other bits and I went for a swim. I met a nice women in the surf who is here from Melbourne to join and support the protest against the proposed gas plant just up the coast from Broome. Its a big issue that I’m interested in, and we have both been finding out more about it.

We have just had a nice meal of left over pasta and are settled in for the evening.


Middle Lagoon


Cape Leveque


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