sand, sea, camels and west coast whales

8 August 2012

We have been really enjoying Broome. We arrived Saturday lunch time and were only planning to stay a few days but here we are still, five days later.  We have had our usual town stuff to do, which somehow always seems to be a lot of running around, post office, bank, landy stuff, supplies etc. This is our final place to prepare for the Canning Stock Route so we have had to organise our permit as well as research road conditions and permits to enter Aboriginal land. A few more small things to do and we are done with jobs.

Although I loved the Kimberly this was the first time I have felt really ready and excited to be coming into a town. I was looking forward to clean clothes and the ease of a caravan park and a break from dust and bumps. I also felt the itch to go out for an evening, something we obviously don’t do very often. And of course its great to see the sea.

The sea is a beautiful turquoise, shockingly so, after the starkness of the Kimberly. We have been enjoying it all and been busy. We have been to the markets a few times, spent some time at the beach and there was a writers festival on over the weekend so we went to a few events that were part of the festival. We ended up at Cable Beach Resort drinking bubbles and eating scones while listening to some local authors talk about a book on the Kimberly and read a couple of chapters from their book. It was a free event and booked out, but they let us join anyway which was very nice. At the reading we met some really nice people there, and I ended up sitting next to a lovely women (who we have since run to in town twice) who told us about her and her husbands trip on the Canning Stock Route. She is also the second mother on the trip who has made us promise to be careful on behalf of our mothers! We also enjoyed a fundraising evening for a local environmental group where Olly was delighted with his two pieces of cake and I was delighted with the guest speakers. Side note: Olly just read this and said he liked the speakers too. 🙂

Despite not being interested at first I decided I wanted to go on a camel ride, prob the most typical thing to do in Broome. The iconic picture of Broome is camels on the beach at sunset. We decided to go for the quieter and cheaper morning ride so this morning we climbed aboard Jacko and held on tight while he unfolded his legs, lifted us up, and off we went. It was brilliant! I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. It was a lovely warm morning and the beach stretches on for as far as you can see. The camels are actually very personable (although they could do with a toothbrush and a mint) and regal with their heads held high and their lovely big eyes. Olly came along mostly to humour me I think but also really enjoyed it. The camel behind us kept coming up and nuzzling his leg and putting his face on Ollys legs!

After our morning on the beach we went to get Landy’s new shocks and bushes put on and ended up there for 4 hours as there was nowhere within walking distance, thankfully we had our books with us so we just did lots of reading. She is all sorted now (again) and hopefully that’s it for a while. This afternoon by the time Landy as done we were very hungry and went back Cable Beach for our lunch and were treated to our first west coast whales and what a show they put on for us! They were quite far out but were tail slapping, fin slapping and breaching over and over. A few times two whales breached together in unison, we were joking and saying it was our own olympics to watch. We have not seen whales since Sydney where we were lucky to live in a place that we could watch their migration from our window twice a year. It was a joy to watch and got me excited that we will be on the coast for their migration.

We have decided to stay another night here so we will be leaving on Friday now. We have met a few people who have been sucked into Broome. We intended to stay a few days and will stay 7 so I think we have succumb to that a bit as well. Not a bad place to stay on!


looking for shells on cable beach

cable beach camels


with jacko

3 thoughts on “sand, sea, camels and west coast whales

  1. Hello Lisa and Olly! I’ve tried to leave comment here a few times, so if this is just a paraphrase of something you’ve heard before, no, you’re not going crazy! Finally subscribed to your blog. It’s fantastic. I’m a bit behind and am enjoying your adventures. Sounds like you’re really into the rhythm of travelling. Great photos of you and your furry friends in Broome. Will keep reading! Lots of love to you both xxx Christina

  2. Hello from Mom, How fun, you guys look like you are having a great time. I love the pictures you both look so happy and healthy. Love Mom

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