How’s Landy Going?

4 August 2012

Just thought I would do a quick update on how are home is travelling.  As I’m writing this Lisa is driving from Derby to Broome and we have just left the Gibb River Road.  We are all relishing driving along a smooth tarmac road, something you can truly appreciate after ~800km of bumpy, corrugated, occasionally boulder strewn, isolated gravel roads.  I guess that Landy is loving it the most.

Since we left Sydney almost six months ago we have covered 26,000km.  Wow, how did we do that!  When put down in writing it seems such a long distance.  Landy has been going really well, but unfortunately for me is a bit of a stress maker, especially when we are about to head out into really remote areas.  I usually focus on one part or problem (Lisa says sometimes with no reason what so ever!) that I think may be happening and find it difficult to get out of my mind.  Heading up to Cape York it was a universal joint (that is still doing fine), before going through the Kimberley it was the leaking transfer case (which is still leaking a little).  And for our next leg it’s the passenger side front hub, that I feel looks as though it’s a bit dry.  So far, touch wood, Landy has only had minor aliments that we have managed to sort fairly easily although it doesn’t stop me worrying.  I fitted new rear shocks after Cape York and we have some front shocks coming now to fit after the abuse they have received over the last couple of weeks, we also have some bushes to fit too.  The fan belt and front brake pads have been replaced, and also some new bearings on the fan/air con belt idlers.  We are keeping an eye on the fuel injector pump that has been moist for about a year now, but doesn’t seem to be actually leaking?  The biggest headache has been the transfer case, we had it reconditioned before we left on the trip and it sprang a leak while we were down south, it came off again when we passed through Sydney and was machined, only for it to be leaking in two places after Cape York.  One of those leaks has been fixed up, but the other is harder to get to and still remains, it’s only a slow leak but annoying after all the work that has been done.  The main (and only) thing that came loose over all those corrugations was the windscreen!  After a little while I found out what that new rattle was and hey presto after a bit of bolt tightening all was good again, we’ll see if its still watertight in a few weeks time as we head south.

The next big leg of our trip, after we have been around Broome, is down the Canning Stock Route and the Wapet Road.  This is the most remote that we will be on our trip, ~1,300km through the desert on a single track.  The stock route, created in 1908, linked the Kimberley to markets along the coast and in the SW of Western Australia, and passes through the Great- and Little-Sandy Deserts.  We’re planning to head down the first half of the old stock route (~700km) and then out to the coast (~650km) all through the Great Sandy Desert.  We have been fairly remote in the Kimberleys and to some extent as we went up to Cape York, but this is in another level.  Along the track we will only pass by one place selling fuel, no other shops, not even a long drop (toilet).  It is probably one of the most remote tracks in the World, so it’s a little daunting to say the least.

As you can imagine we are fairly good at getting set up after a day on the road now, as we should be after six months of sleeping in Landy.  I’ve been wanting to do a time-lapse video of a typical night for ages and we finally got around to it when we were camping by a river on a property at the start of the Gibb River Road, hopefully I can upload it here…

We are heading into Broome now and looking forward to having a nice shower, doing some washing and getting in some supplies.  I’m looking forward to a cold beer and I know that Lisa is ready for a chilled glass of white wine as she has been fantasising about it for a few days now!  Umm I can taste it already 🙂


3 thoughts on “How’s Landy Going?

  1. Hi Guys just found your website and are really enjoying reading about your travels. We are looking at travelling around Oz sometime after driving from Spain to South Africa recently and are gathering as much info as we can. Will keep watching you once we have read all your previous blogs Dave and Julie

  2. Hi Guys Love reading your updates,we have just found your site and are collecting info for a pos. Oz trip sometime.Vehicles,kit, places to stay etc. Will keep watching you after we have read all your previous blogs. We have recently returned from Africa after driving fro Spain to Cape Town (loved every minute of it)

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