29 July 2012

It’s 7 am and I’m boiling the billy for a cuppa while Olly is under Landy making sure nothing was shaken to bits yesterday.

After a few days at several beautiful stations walking and swimming we have taken a detour off the Gibb River Road. We are camping on the King Edward River near the Mitchell River National Park. It’s a beautiful spot, we arrived yesterday after a bone jarring drive. We were dusty and jumped straight into the river which was wonderful! Getting wet seems to take the edge off anything.

The Gibb River Road is not strictly a 4×4 track but a very bumpy, very dusty very scenic drive though the heart of the Kimberley. It’s 660km from Kunnunarra to Broome with no side trips. In the vast wilderness of rugged landscape and stark beauty that is the Kimberley.

We had a glorious holiday day the other day – we rarely just potter and do nothing for the day. We were at Home Valley Station, a beautiful property, and spent most of the day sitting around in the shade reading until late afternoon when we made our way to our camp site by the river to watch the nightly light change when the afternoon sun sets afire the beautiful ranges. We ran into our neighbours from Kunnunarra again and caught up with them.

Today we are going to have a look around this area, after my cuppa I’m going for a morning dip in the river. There is a waterfall nearby and some aboriginal paintings to look at as well. This afternoon we plan to go into the national park as tomorrow we are going to start very early on a walk to Mitchell Falls. We have heard that although the walk is not difficult it is exposed and fairly long so we will leave about 6:30 to avoid the heat of the day.

Later… We Have had a magical afternoon. After taking 2 hours to drive the 50 km to Mitchell Falls NP (rough road) we had some lunch and hung around for a bit. We then went on a short walk for a swim to rinse the dust off. We sat in a lovely pool above Little Merton falls, us and a water monitor lizard spread eagle basking in the sun (the lizard not us). We decided to go for a little explore and ended up scrambling around on the rocks and behind the water fall and sat there watching the afternoon sun on the water as it fell down in front of us. There are some intriguing aboriginal painting on the rocks behind the falls. There are no signs or anything so we don’t know much about them but we see some similarities and some differences with other aboriginal art we have seen in recent months. Looking forward to the walk to Mitchell Falls in the morning.


Emma Gorge

the guardians of the Kimberley

Zebedee Springs, El Questro Station

Camping at El Questro by the river

View along the Gibb River Road

River Crossing along the Gibb River Road

The boabs have soooo much character, Olly likes them!

Lunch near Drysdale Station

top of Mitchell Falls


walking to Mitchell Falls


Mitchell Falls


a swim on the way back from Mitchell



Happy days


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