Bell Gorge

Country above Bell Gorge

1 August 2012

Its only 1:30 in the afternoon but it feels much later! We are very early birds these days (mostly because of the actual early birds that wake us) so sometimes by afternoon it feels like we have had a full day. We were woken at 1 am by some very rowdy Corellas. For those who have not had the pleasure Corellas are big white parrots with a yellow patch under wing and they are the noisy raucous shrieking fellas!  They are often in large groups and all together the noise can be something else, usually at their nosiest at dawn and dusk. The only thing I can figure out is that with a very bright, nearly full, moon they thought it was dawn? I certainly did with the light that was outside. Several of them were perched on a branch above us at 1am carrying on for ages! Just as they stopped the dingos started so it took me a little while to doze back off.  Anyway we left Bell Gorge camp at 7:30  this morning and stopped for a morning walk at Lennard Gorge further west along the Gibb River Road. We are now at Windjana Gorge National Park. Its stunning already and we have not even looked around yet. We have had our lunch and are waiting for the heat of midday to pass before going out for a walk this afternoon. There is a 5 km walk along the gorge that we are looking forward to.

We had a brilliant day at Bell Gorge yesterday. We started the day with a cuppa and banana pancakes, yummo! The walk in to the gorge was only a short 30 minutes or so, as we approached we had to walk through the water to continue on to the falls. Our feet were happy to get cool and wet! We sat and looked over the gorge in the shade for awhile before scrambling a bit further on and down to an area where we had a great view of the red gorge surrounded by the beautiful stark landscape of this area. The waterfall and plunge pool were calling us so Olly jumped in first and came up shouting and trying to tell me it was nice. I had my doubts but followed by jumping in as well….Brrrr! We swam a short way to some rocks on the other side and lay in the sun but had to make our way back before we warmed up too much and didn’t want to get back in the cold water. We spent the morning in the gorge before making our way back to camp and an afternoon of pottering and reading, playing cards and I started some sewing (which will prob take the rest of the trip to finish!).

We will be in Broome in about 3 days or so and will post our blogs and catch up on ‘town stuff’ as well as enjoy the sea.


Calling for back-up from Drysdale Station (thanks Daniel!)

On the way to Bell Gorge

Bell Gorge

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