Keep River NP



24 July 2012

I’m really tired and we are both off to bed soon. We are def not late night people now!

A quick catch up- we had a delightful few nights in the lovely Keep River National Park just on the border of NT/WA. About 100 km from the border we started to see our first boab trees! Olly has a fascination with boabs and was very excited when we started to see them dotted around the landscape. Keep River NP was a few days of stunning rock formations, beautiful walks and peaceful campsites. We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary there in style -we had some biscuits and brie and a cheap bottle of bubbles (that certainly tasted like the best!) we bought before we left Darwin. We used my sarong as a table cloth and enjoyed our nibbles and bubbles well into the evening while reminiscing about that wonderful day two years ago when our families were together in a dreamy spot in Ireland for our vows and a very fun night. We really had a good evening remembering those great few weeks in Ireland. The second night there we had a cooking fest as you are not able to take any fruit or veg (among other things) into WA so we ate as much fruit as we could, cooked as much veg as we could and gave our honey to some people we met going the other way. We have just finished tonight what we made that night, so it was for 4 meals!

We are in Kununarra just over the border in WA. We stopped yesterday first thing in the morning for ‘town stuff’ like food, fuel etc and decided to stay on as there was something bothering Olly about a noise in landy and the mechanic said he could look at it this morning. We were both pretty flat yesterday and a bit stressed. Olly has been feeling the pressure of keeping things going well with landy and his stress rubbed off on me, so were not much fun yesterday hot, bothered and imagining the worst with landy. I was also starting to feel the uncertainties of all that Africa will hold for us but thats another story to get my head around and not when Im tired! Anyway we ended up with a cold beer down by the lagoon followed by a hot shower at camp and were in better spirits by the end of the night.

We got to the mechanics this morning before 7 to make sure he could have a look. We have met some interesting mechaincs in the past few months! This guy was a man of few words (in a strong Greek accent) and a wife who was wearing a furry top (its 30 degrees) and walking around, past the no smoking signs, with a very long ash on her cigarette that she flicked around rushing here and there. They were brilliant! We had no idea if he was even looking at the landy as he didn’t say much but we met a very nice guy who was also waiting for his car who we enjoyed speaking to and he suggested some places we call into on the way to Perth. While we were chatting to him the mechanic came out and had fixed landy!  She has a clean bill of health (for now) which is a relief. At this stage we are still planning to do the Canning Stock Route but we will make a final decision in Broome. After sorting landy we decided to stay another night and in the morning to start the Gibb River Road, The Gibb River Road is 600 ish km through the vast wilderness that is the Kimberly, a place that has been in my imagination for a long time.

A couple have just stopped to chat to us about our trip and we have just spoken to them about our travels and their travels.  Not surprisingly people are often fascinated by our trip. We meet such nice interesting people.

Off to bed….

Oh we accidentally put our camera on a ‘soft’ setting for a bit so a few photos look soft! oops.


magnificent boab tree

2 thoughts on “WA

  1. Love getting the updates Lis. Really glad you’re having such a fantastic time.

    Happy anniversary! … where HAS the time gone?!

    (ps: please don’t do Africa!)

    Much love, MA xx

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