westward bound

lunch time swim

19 July 2012

We are in Darwin and have seen Alice and Tom off home. It was sad to see them go- we have so enjoyed their company and our great chats and laughs. We had to drop landy at the mechanic first thing yesterday morning and this morning and find something to do that was not too hot or too expensive. The botanic gardens are both and we spent several hours in a lovely cafe overlooking the sea today and explored every cm of the Art Gallery and Museum of NT. Landy is done and ready to go. The mechanic was a def a Territory man- a real character fing and cing everything, but he did the job (and suggested we take a gun to Africa- good grief!) and she should be ready now for The Kimberly and hopefully the Canning Stock Route.

So…. tomorrow morning we are off south to Katherine (again) and then west.

Our final days with A and T were brilliant. We spent the day paddling in Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge), a beautiful place to be on the water. Sheer rock faces climb out of the water, it was a amazing experience along the base of the cliffs looking up at the red sandstones. Luckily we had a good breeze all day which kept us cool, we were a bit worried before hand about not being able to escape the midday sun. We found a great spot for lunch at a waterfall off the main river where we peeled off our clothes and jumped in!  Standing under the waterfall in the sun we were surrounded by a rainbow.

Our last evening was spent at natural hot springs. We walked along a creek and you could see the spring water flowing out of the rocks, if you found a cool spot it was like sitting in a hot bath looking up at the surrounding trees.. ahhhhhh.


taking a break- looking for turtles and freshies (crocs)

2 thoughts on “westward bound

  1. I was only thinking yesterday that I was craving an update. Sounds amazing. And yes, I think you should take a gun to Africa, or better still, don’t go there under your own steam! But hope you enjoy the rest of your fabulous travels in safe Oz! and I look forward to reading more. The Kimberleys are amazing.

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