Darwin part 2

Mindil Beach

4 July 2012

We are still in Darwin. We have been busy getting stuff done as well as checking out the city. Darwin is a small city (maybe Newcastle, Aus size) so I think we have either driven or walked the whole thing. By the time we got here on Sunday we had a long list of things to do- Landy rego and service, Dr appt, post office, banking etc. All the things we have not been able to do and won’t be able to for a little while.

Landy passed rego today (at its second attempt J)! A bit more complicated to do it interstate but it’s all signed off on. Olly has fitted new rear suspension (with help from Daniel in Sydney ordering parts and explaining things to Olly on Skype while he was under Landy) and tonight the breaks are being done. There are a few other things we are looking at and will have a think about before we head off on the most remote part of our trip, coming up after Broome, The Canning Stock Route.

The highlight of Darwin for me has been the incredible sunsets. Every evening the sun is a big red ball that dips into the Timor Sea. Sunday afternoon not long after we arrived we went into the city to Mindil Beach to have a look at the markets and sat on the beach for the sunset, spectacular! It was also Territory Day on Sunday so by dark there were thousands of people sitting on the grass and beach for the fireworks display and music put on by the city. We had heard this is the only day of the year aside from Chinese NY people can buy fireworks and buy them they certainly do! On the way into town every few hundred metres we passed somewhere selling fireworks, even car dealerships. That night along with the official fireworks there were sparks, zings and bangs from everywhere! We were a little weary to walk back to Landy along a grassy path with the sparks flying. On the drive back to the caravan park there were people letting off fireworks all over- in parks, on the side of the road, even in a car park next to a petrol station. What a night!

Last night we went to the deckchair cinema. It’s an outdoor cinema right next to the water where predicably you sit in deck chairs. It was so good to go out for the evening. We don’t have a ‘social’ life anymore. We have traded it in for being outdoors all the time and being in the spectacular spots we get to go. We are just rarely in a place where there are ‘things to do’ at night. It was great escapism and we both loved sitting out in the warm evening getting lost in a film with a mango ice cream. J

Alice and Tom arrived today. As there are only three seats in Landy, Olly went to pick them up while I walked around in the city. I walked further than I thought and was boiling by the time I met up with them. We have both been really looking forward to seeing them. It will be great to have some time with such good friends. Tomorrow morning they pick up their hire 4×4 and we have a few weeks of exploring a few national parks in the area together.  Much catching up and laughter to come no doubt.



Darwin sunset

One thought on “Darwin part 2

  1. So strange (after all the other photos) to see Oddsey surrounded by people on a beach!! It looks positively crowded compared to the lovely photos of you and sea and sand! Have a lovely time with Tom and Alice. It was so lovely to chat the other day. That sunset is sooooooooooo yellow and amazing. Lots of love R & M xx xx

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