23 June 2012

We are in Bamaga, still up in the far north of the Cape York peninsula, people are coming and going around us as we sit in a shop car park revelling in having some Internet, and getting a heap of posts away!  What a special part of Australia this is.  It seems to us that this is Australia by name only, in the islander communities up here we could very easily be on a pacific island and in another country.

Last night we stayed in the luxury of a powered camp site and it gave me the chance to do a bit of work from a very nice office overlooking the beach.  In the afternoon we set off to explore Pajinka (the very tip of Cape York) the northern most point of the Australian mainland.  The road soon narrows as you head north and becomes a red, winding, single track just managing to hold back the rainforest crowding in on both sides and over the top.

We pulled up at the end of the road, where a footpath heads to the tip.  As we walked the anticipation grew, we wern’t excited about getting to the tip until now, but suddenly it felt like a huge moment.  We had made it right to the top!  You cannot help but think as you stand in this spot how huge Australia is and the thousands of kilometres of land that stretch out seemingly forever.  You’re reminded how small and insignificant we are as individuals, and what a small and narrow perspective we have in our day to day lives..

We were lucky that we did’nt get to this spot till late in the afternoon, and with a couple of beers in hand we had the pleasure of watching the sun set over the Torres Straight Islands.

It’s good to be reminded how big this world is and remember the diversity of cultures upon it, something that can be forgotten at times in regional Australia.  Different cultures will sometimes be pretty confronting in Africa I guess.


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