North QLD

8 June 2012

Olly already talked about his birthday and our great day out. I so enjoyed the day on the boat and the snorkelling. We snorkel often in Sydney but its great to see the tropical fish and coral and of course Olly’s pressie was the turtle! Airlie Beach itself is not so much our style. Its very much younger people travelling in groups and massive pubs and backpackers and older people staying at posh resorts. It suited me great when I was there 15 years ago with a group of friends! But we were there for the sailing and the water and its a great gateway to that! The day we left Airlie Beach we went a short distance away to a place much more our style and of course with the same turquoise water and beautiful beaches, Dingo Beach. We really enjoyed putting our chairs under the shade of a palm, having our lunch and catching up on our books for a few hours. It’s a quiet peaceful little place and we decided to spend the night after pottering around all afternoon.

When we left the Airlie area we made our way about 3 hours north to Townsville which is a pretty big city for this area, by far the biggest since Brisbane. We enjoyed some nice long walks along the esplanade there and also got some jobs done like a new fan belt for landy, some new tools and sent our surf boards to their home for the next few years, Vibs’ garage.

We are both feeling the warmth up here, every day is the same- warm and sunny. I guess in the rainy season every day is prob rain. Anyway it feels tropical now. We arrived this afternoon to a stunner, Mission Beach. I love how the trees go right down into the sea. Something about the green of the trees and the blue of the water and sky make all the colours seem more vibrant. This area was pretty devastated by a cyclone just over a year ago and we could see some evidence of that in the walk we went on today in the rainforest, many of the big trees had been wrecked and its all growing back now.

We enjoyed our walk this arvo and then had a beer and enjoyed some reading on the beach as the sun set (not over the sea on this side of the country). We have just had some dinner and are having a cuppa before bed.

The camp site is busier than usual as its a long weekend- celebrating Queens birthday. So its more couples and families rather than mostly grey nomads. If you are not sure about grey nomads more on them another time.

We are starting to feel close to Cape York, which is an area we both are really looking forward to!

We are both reading good books so ready to snuggle in for the night. Night night.




Dingo Beach

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