8 June 2012

If you are not in Australia its hard to explain, it’s very Australian. Australia’s Big Things. What? … I hear you ask?

For some reason dotted all over the country are big versions of things- the big banana and mango as you see but also a big pineapple, big prawn (which is indeed massive), we passed a big bull with very big balls in a roundabout in Rockhampton maybe? There was a big sheep somewhere along the way. We have not been very committed to recording these wonders of Australia. We have been distinctly fruitarian to date, only capturing the big mango and banana for prosperity. We sailed past the big sheep and stared at the big bull. Oh there was a big avocado somewhere too.

Its a daggy Australian thing and I guess over time they grow on you.

We spend all day together so it’s funny what we end up talking about when we are on the road!!

Heres to the Big Things for keeping us entertained. They are easy to have a go at but we love them really.

O and L

Coffs Harbour

somewhere in N QLD

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