30 May 2012

What a day! We are at a lovely camp spot for the night and don’t have internet so we will post this when we do- likely in a few days or so.

This is our third day on Fraser and it’s been brilliant! The sun is just going down and the light is lovely as are the usual early evening noises of birds settling in for the night. We just got back from a walk a bit ago and I’m putting photos on the computer and Olly is out on the beach flying his kite.

Quick catch up first… Yesterday the weather was very patchy. We thought our run of being so lucky with the weather had come to an end. It was brilliant sunny and then pouring with rain. We woke up yesterday morning to rain so hard it felt sounded like someone poured a bucket on the landy. Anyway we made the best of it for the most part and spent most of the day driving around the amazing tracks that are all over the island. By the end of the day I was getting a bit of cabin fever though and really wanted to get out but each time we did it rained so we stayed in landy pretty much all day. Olly did try to go for a fish in a beautiful remote spot but the sand flies had him coming back to landy for cover.

We knew the weather today was supposed to be best in the morning so we were up early to make the most of it. The sun has been out all day and we have def made the most of it. Fraser is such a beautiful and diverse place. It ranges from scrubby to marsh to rainforest all the while every ‘road’ is a track in the sand, some compacted and easy to drive on and some soft and much harder to drive on and  the beach is the ‘highway’ that connects the few small townships. When we were not on the beach we didn’t see other people at all. This morning we went from camp out to the beach and up to where we could walk to Wabby Lake and sandblow. It was really stunning. A sandblow is basically an area of sand dunes that is being blown, in this case at the rate of 3 m per year. As far as what it looks like its what you would think the Sahara looks like (only on a very small scale). It’s really incredible to walk up over a hill and see sand for ages and in the case of Wabby Lake its actually going to overtake the lake at some stage.

One of my highlight for the day was Eli Creek. The creek is crystal clear of beautiful fresh water and has just enough current that you can jump in and it takes you back down to the sea. It was so much fun floating down bumping into each other, the side and a few logs for that matter. We did it for over an hour and loved bobbing down in the sun.

Later on we continued driving up the beach and had to decide where we would stay the night as the tide was coming in and we knew in an hour or so we would likely not be able to take the beach south again, the beach highway is very dependant on tides. So we ended up here, a great camp spot over the dunes from the beach. We set up landy and put a few things out to dry after our wet day. Pretty much everything is damp and sandy. We had a quick lunch- the usual cheese and tomato sandwiches and then we went for a walk and the second fab highlight of the day- Wungul sandblow. It was only about a half hour walk out there but its magic. I was transfixed and lucky as always to have my resident geologist with me to explain the whole place. It really is beautiful. One of my very favourite things to look at is the texture and changes in colour in nature. The sandblow is literally sand as far as you can see with shrubby trees on the edge. We spent ages just wandering around the sand looking at the changing colour, texture and intricate patterns. Olly explained it is essentially sandstone in the making. Sydney is full of sandstone and I have always loved the swirls and beiges mixed in with almost magenta colours.

Anyway we are back now and getting ready to eat some dinner. Looking forward to tomorrow.


our breaky spot yesterday and where the first dingo padded past.

one of the dingos we saw having a sniff around

enjoying a float down

enjoying the water

Maheno wreck. been there since the ’30

sandblow near where we camped

all the beauty of the sand. this is the start of sandstone

more of the sandblow

we really enjoyed driving around on the island

scribbly gum

2 thoughts on “Fraser

  1. Hi kids, Every picture is more amazing. It’s such a pleasure seeing and following your wonderful adventure.We are back from our little trip makes me remember how much I love to travel. Happy B-day Ollie.We are thinking about you both. Love you Mom

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