Byron/Lismore area

27 May 2012

We just realised its been awhile since we last wrote – it feels like ages! Ages since we arrived in Byron and caught up with Pete and went snorkelling. We had a day or two when we arrived in the area and enjoyed having a look around, going to markets, people watching and relaxing a bit. For those people not in Aus- the area is known for being a bit ‘alternative’- a harmless drug scene, hippy type commune area. Its eclectic to say the least – such a mix of travellers, city people who moved up, dreadlocked no shoes (hardly anyone wears shoes), families etc. great people watching.

We were to arrive at the garlic farm on the Sunday the 20th so we were up early and ready to go… well as ready as we could be given we only found out where we were going Sat night and really had no idea what to expect. We arrive at the farm at 9 and were greeted by Will and Vanessa and their three sleepy children. It was a very relaxed start to our garlic farming as we had a look around the property, a leisurely cuppa and chat. We then helped move some stuff to sort out our ‘break area’ and got started planting. Will and Vanessa moved from Sydney about 5 years ago and started an organic garlic farm. They have a beautiful property in the Byron hinterland and we had a really good 4 days with them and their lovely family – and the garlic! We were to stay for 3 days but it was not done so we stayed on a fourth day to get it finished. We really enjoyed our time there. As it was planting time we had big full days, we had a lovely place to stay (they had a caravan for us but we are used to landy bed, so stayed in that and used the caravan for showers etc), wonderful meals and great company. The farm is beautiful and we so enjoyed the whole family, except the roosters who were up far too early! It was really good to be there during planting as we felt like we were really getting something done for them, running a small farm is hard work and it felt good to help out and contribute to something I belive in- organic farming. We went to bed each night knackered and by the second day, when we were woken up about 4:30 by the roosters we were both very sore, I was really questioning my ability to do it all day – its a full day of bending and leaning over in the sun. Anyway we enjoyed the company of the other workers, went to watch a local rugby game (Will is the coach) and listened to the kids practice for their school musical- Grease! Our last night we all made pizzas in their pizza oven and enjoyed them with a few bottles of wine. We both have  new appreciation for garlic and feel very confident to plant it in our own garden! 🙂 The highlight was of course Will, Vanessa and their children. We left with sore knees and backs, a smile, heaps of garlic and a head cold from the kids. 🙂

When we left the farm we went back to the coast and went for surf- not a very good one but gave it a go. By that evening I was feeling rubbish and by the next day we both were- that was 2 nights ago. We went up to the Border Ranges National Park for a few days and had one rainy night of not feeling well and Olly made dinner on the fire in the rain (we had the awning up). It cleared up in the night and when we woke Olly was feeling worse and I was feeling a little better. We did have a nice clear sunny day though and enjoyed having a look around the nat park. We have had such good weather that it was a reminder of how much the weather and temp affects us- so much more so than when you live in a house. I have become a weather watcher, always aware of the forecast and temp! Most of our living space is outside so when its gloomy or raining it really impacts us.

Today we made our way to Noosa, which is where we are tonight. We arrived this afternoon and enjoyed a beautiful walk in the Nat Park here. Such a spot- doozy koalas in the trees, waves peeling in with Malibu riders playing on them and a beautiful sunset.  It was a good end to the day as we are both still snotty and coughing and where a bit ratty this afternoon before we arrived. I was really feeling tired of living in landy this afternoon. We have both had a bit of that today- Olly this morning and me this afternoon. I just felt like making dinner in a kitchen, and walking into the other room and watching a video or something. Anyway we decded to stay here in a caravan park, I need an easy night tonight and it made all the difference. This place has a ‘camp kitchen’ which is a barbie area and sink to wash up in, even a kettle for the morning! ahhhh….. so we had a barbie with a nice big salad and glass of wine and a long hot shower. We are both are still coughing and snotty but feeling better. 🙂

Tomorrow we are going to drive along the beach for about 50km to Rainbow Beach which is where we get the ferry to Fraser Island, a large sand island where we will spend about 4 ish days and we are both looking forward to it.

Night night for now. Im having a hot chocolate tonight with the hot chocolate Gill sent for Christmas- lloovveellyy



coal seam gas is a big issue in this area. these signs are on almost ever property.

the community gardens at Mullum

Olly and Harley planting




planting- mid day heat

sore knees and back. ready for a cold beer and some shade

Lily. part of the family. she followed us around trying to lick our feet. 🙂

very rude alarm. more than one of them.

our lovely hosts

back to the surf for a few days- bryon



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