Sand, Surf, Snorkel…. up the coast

18 May 2012

We are just south of Byron Bay on the north coast of NSW. After we left Vibs’ place in Harrington we drove along the beach at Crowdy Head for awhile on a lovely sunny autumn day. We made our way to an amazing spot south of Crescent Head. As soon as we arrived I proclaimed I would not be leaving this gorgeous place with long lovely waves coming in and a great camp site. The next day it got better! We spent the morning pottering around and went for walk watching the dolphins play in the waves and with the guys out the back of the surf, a beautiful place even if the road getting there was bbbuummppyy! We did leave but only went about 15 km up the road. We enjoyed a great surf, so much fun to be in the water paddling until my arms were sore and I was tired and really struggling to stand up. We could have stayed there for a week… but we headed up the coast a bit faster than planned as a good mate, Pete, who lives up in Lismore was going away for work so we made a move. Last night we really enjoyed a catch up with Pete at Brunswick pub.

This morning we woke to very loud birds (lorikeets rather than cockatoos so Olly was not too annoyed, he does not always appreciate their ‘songs’ at sunrise). We had booked in a snorkel trip out to Julian Rocks, a marine reserve off the coast of Byron so made our way to Bryon Bay and onto the boat. It has been a glorious day and perfect for snorkelling- flat seas, warm water and a really bright sun to shine through the crystal clear water. We saw heaps of fish, when we first jumped off the boat it was like jumping into a big fish tank. We saw a turtle and heaps of Wobbegong sharks (harmless unless you hassle them).

We have just had a big dinner and Im tired and a little bashed about from our surf (that says a lot about my surfing!) but we are both happy tired.

We’re planning to stay in this area for about a week, a few days on the coast and a few days at a National Park in the hinterland.  Olly broke his nose the last time we were here, this time we hope to relive the waves but not the trip to the hospital!  Starting this weekend we are volunteering at a garlic farm for 3 days … planting garlic funnily enough! We are not sure what to expect but the owners seem nice, it will be good to meet some people, help out a bit, and see what we learn.

We are settled back into landy after staying with friends in houses for awhile. Getting used to the evenings outside, and back to our little home.


Crowdy Head

our 2 mates for a few days

today at Julian Rocks



One thought on “Sand, Surf, Snorkel…. up the coast

  1. Hi sweeties. It all sounds so fab. Hope you have a lovely week and we’ll catch up soon. Lots of love xx xx

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