Up the coast- more friends!

14 May 2012

Landy had a few more things to get done so I left Sydney Wed on my own to go up the coast (only about 1.5 hours) to see a good friend Anna.

Olly came down the next day which ended up working out well as Anna and I had a great night of chatting about everything for hours. By about 2 in the morning and after a nice meal and a good few glassed of red we felt we had caught up. We never run out of things to talk about!

After a lovely few days with Anna which I so enjoyed we arrived in Harrington Friday evening to see Vibs and Anton. We were greeted with a lovely meal, glass of wine and a cuddle from Anton- wonderful!!! Its Monday night here and we have had such a good weekend relaxing, chatting, playing with trains, play doh and painting. We enjoyed an afternoon at the beach, making castles and playing. Anton is such a joy and as he has gotten older he remembers us now and is happy to share cuddles and chats. Vibs and I are trying to scheme ways to catch up soon.

Its been so good to be with good friends over these past days. I feel so lucky to have such good friends.

We will be leaving here tomorrow morning and make our way north (the direction we will go for the next 6 weeks). I think it will be hard to leave Vibs and Anton but I also feel ready to get back in landy and back on the road. We have been staying in houses for almost 2 weeks now and thats it, we don’t know anyone once we get into Qld and beyond. We will be in landy until at least Sept now and wont be catching up with people we know- we hope to see Pete up in Byron first though!


the water is sooo nice!

Vibs and Anton

anton loved this!

One thought on “Up the coast- more friends!

  1. Hi You Two,
    Greetings from UK.
    We have all been following ur blog with great interest and enjoying all your trips and viewing pics.
    Sounds like you have great friends to meet up with.
    Not sure what was happening with Landy minus wheels!!!
    Sounds like you got them back on!!!!
    Very envious ocean looks fab and getting out and about in remote places sounds good to us all.
    Andy and I just back from Canaris, so like you two looking bronzed and chilled out.
    Unlike you two tan fading fast!!!
    Alls well at this end.
    Take care and look forward to next episode.
    Lots of luv and hugs
    A Sue and all at The Farm.

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