14 May 2012

A week and a bit in Sydney was busy and good. Sydney seemed big, busy and noisy but it was great to spend some time there. Waiting for me at Alice and Tom’s place was my British visa! Good news and a relief to have the visa as well as the documents I had to send away – passports, marriage cert, birth cert etc, all originals.

Going back to Alice and Tom’s was like home from home and of course great to enjoy their company as always. Alice and I had breakfast together most mornings, I loved the time to chat and enjoy a cuppa together.We had some nice meals with A and T and of course did the quiz in the Sat paper, something we have been doing with them for several years now! 🙂
It was so good to see friends and do our Sydney things. Olly did so much work on landy to get the bits and pieces done- things we knew we wanted done for ease and to make sure she is ready for the next year. So he was off early most mornings to work on landy. Its all done brilliantly as always.

While Olly was busily working on landy most days we were in Sydney I did some other jobs we needed to do- banking etc. I was also lucky enough to catch up with mates and do heaps of walking and swimming.

Two of my good friends were both due to have babies at the end of April/early May and two lovely babies were born while we were in Sydney. I was able to see Liza’s beautiful little girl which was magic, emotional and hard to leave them as I know it will be awhile before I see them again.  Liza and Dave will be amazing parents to Eva and I am so happy I got to see them as a family.

Anyway we went to the theatre, went for a few snorkels, had a few good nights out and Olly even fitted in a boys night. I was reminded of all the reasons I have fallen in love with Sydney over the years. I also noticed how easy living in a house is! Cooking in a kitchen, not having to walk outside to go to the toilet… easy!

Sydney has been my home for over 8 years and it has been an amazing time of my life. A time of  much change, growth and so much fun. I really have grown into myself while living here and of course its where Olly and I met  and where we started our lives together.  Of course Sydney will always be here and we may even end up back here but I know life is changing for us and after this trip our life will not be the same so if feels a poignant time to me.

Some of the things I will miss about Sydney:

my friends- my beautiful people who I adore and who bless my life with love, support, inspiration and much laughter

walking near, kayaking on and eating/drinking at the harbour

snorkelling at Gordon’s Bay

our coastal walk

barbie down at Bronte

still discovering new parts of the city all the time

our every year things- Archibald, Sculpture by the Sea, photography exhibition

She is a city that is beautiful and arrogant and I have grown to love her.

As comfortable, familiar and good as it is I also felt ready to leave Sydney because although I am aware of the goodbyes and what I will miss I am very attached to this trip and ready to move on. I feel really invested in it and we are both so much more settled in landy and when I think of getting back in landy and heading off I smile. Im ready to hit the road again with my Olly. L


stunning…. so beautiful I still marvel at living here!

catching up with Liza and Jo

out at bondi, after a great show

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