Landy’s Big Week

Landy pretending to be a truck to get its new tyres

12 May 2012 Well we have been back in Sydney for a week staying with Alice and Tom , we’ve had a great but busy week.  We have been on the road for a couple of months now and it has given us the time to really settle into Landy as our new home and think of a few changes to make things easier on the inside.  There were also a few things that we knew we wanted to fit before we went further north and did not have chance the first time we left Sydney.  So I have been busy ticking things off a long list.  Landy has had a good going over by Sam the mechanic (British Auto Parts) and Daniel (at Mulgo) has been invaluable for too many things to mention, thanks to you both.

The major additions have been a new set of tyres all round, a refurbished transmission, bonnet mounted spare wheel, sand-ladders mounted over the rear side windows and uprated headlight wiring which means we have more than what seemed to be a couple of candles lit at the front.  The sand-ladders have changed Landy into looking like an expedition vehicle!  They are not all show though, and will give us that extra needed confidence when we on our own off the beaten track, act as a guard over the rear windows, and they fold down to make a handy shelf when needed (great design Daniel).

We have been squeezing in lots of visiting friends, catching the Archibald and a Belvoir fix, it has been a great few days and funny to leave Sydney for the last time in a few years.




3 thoughts on “Landy’s Big Week

  1. Hi Kids,
    It sounds like you have learned a few things that Landy can use to make her more usable for the long haul. Like your sandladder are you going use it as a outside table? We are enjoying your trip. Planning the trip to see your folks in July and looking forward to visit with them again. Love Saundra and Jerry

  2. Hey guys,
    Thanks for doing this blog. This is a great idea of sharing your trip with everyone. Great modifications to the “Landy”. Will pray for your safe travels and continued enjoyment of your trip. Take care and keep us posted. Cheers;)

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