The Big Smoke

1 April 2012

Here we are back in Sydney town. We arrived yesterday arvo and both noticed how busy it is, so many people and cars everywhere!

We are staying with Alice and Tom for the next week and a bit. We will catch up with mates and Olly has a long list of landy stuff to do. The landy jobs are mostly things we knew we (by we I mean Olly!) would need to do when we came back to Sydney like add some 4 x 4 equipment and also some jobs we have noticed would make some things easier. And of course get her checked out mechanically.

Of course catching up with people is a major attraction of Sydney for us! Im so looking forward to seeing mates over the coming days and 2 of my very good friends are having a baby any time now so I might even get to meet 2 new little people. 🙂

Its kind of weird to be back to Sydney even though we knew all along we would have time here before heading north. We have been travelling now for 2 months and left our jobs and unit in late Feb so in a way it seems life is so so very different and in another way Sydney feels so familiar! We both said we could easily just get back into Sydney life pretty smoothly and the past few months would rather quickly fade into a lovely memory but not a major thing in life. But we both feel very attached to this trip we are doing and happy we have heaps more of it! We worked hard to make this happen and in many ways took a leap in making such a big change in our life and leaving a life we love. We feel much more settled into the trip and in landy than we did even a month ago.

Its fun being here for now and Im looking forward to seeing people over coming days.


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