Cold and now coast

27 April 2012

A quick catch up. We have had a good few days and are now happily sitting in front of a fire listening to the waves crash.

A few days ago before we left the Murray River we attended an ANZAC Day service in a very small town near the Murray. It was a lovely community event with a cuppa and sausage sizzle after the service. As well as being poured a hardy shot of rum in the tea at ten in the morning!

We then made our way up into the Snowy Mountains of NSW…. brrrr… the cold was a bit of shock as we have been warm for weeks. We even ran into some snow. Im hoping the only snow of the trip. Fortunately we were not sleeping in landy in the cold as the reason we were there was to stop and have a few days with some good friends of Olly’s. We enjoyed a couple of days pottering around Cooma and catching up with Bianca, Jimmy and Kai.

This afternoon we arrived at a great camping spot back on the coast and relative warmth. At the moment we are sitting in front of the fire waiting for Alice and Tom to arrive for the weekend. We have been to this spot before with Alice and Tom a few times and are so looking forward to the weekend here with them.

Monday we are off to Sydney. For now, we better start chopping veg for dinner.

L and O

The Snowy Mountains. bit of snow!

camp for the next few nights



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