Cradle Mountain

12 April 2012

After a great few days in Melbourne we are south of the city but more on that later…. for now we wanted to share some photos from Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. We went there after Stanley and the wild west and before Launceston.

We arrived in the afternoon and went for a short wander and saw a wombat lazily walking around. We knew we were in for a cold night in landy after a lovely warm night in Stanley as we had spent the afternoon driving up in altitude. So…. we went to the pub at Cradle Mountain Lodge and nursed a beer in front of the fire. 🙂

The next day we set off early for a walk that had been suggested the afternoon before by the ranger. Olly’s foot was still hurting him a bit so we planned a walk of about 2 hours. The morning was a little cloudy and chilly but we were happy with no rain as the area gets heaps of rain and we have been so very lucky with the weather. Anyway we walked for an hour and a bit and then up to a look out and the clouds cleared and the sun came out, what a day! The walk and view was so good we kept going and going and going and about 7 hours later finished up after a stunning walk over heath, rocks, along a ridge, up then down some very steep sections and along a lake. Really amazing. We were both a bit sunburned and tired but very very happy.

kept walking

perfect day

looking down

near the end of the walk


3 thoughts on “Cradle Mountain

  1. with all this walking and wondering, i hope you both are staying hydrated. incredible views, kind of looks like a volcanic island. love the pics and hope all is well !!!!!

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