Bye Bye (for now) Tasmania

8 April 2012

We got up at 10 to 5 this morning and are now waiting in Davenport to board the ferry to the mainland. We have spent our last few days in Tasmania in Launceston. We have been living the life of luxury staying at Fern Cottage, Olly’s friends house- Will thanks so much for making us feel welcome and letting us stay in a bed for a few days! We really enjoyed a few days in Launceston catching up with Will and meeting his family. We had a great walk in  Cataract Gorge and  enjoyed hearing about the city and the area from a local.

We stocked up on fresh fruit and veg from the farmers market and enjoyed a little wine tasting and looking in a few galleries in the area. Yesterday we were spoilt with a brilliant lunch that we had a gift voucher for and really enjoyed a long lazy meal. We topped off the day by catching up with Wendy, Olly’s colleague from Sydney who is also in Tasmania on holiday with her husband. Launceston became to hub for Malachite for a day!

Tasmania has been a great start to the trip and we have so enjoyed our time here. It is a gem of little island with such beauty and variety- stunning white beaches next to craggy mountains, great food and lovely friendly people.

We will be back.

L and O

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