West Coast

6 April 2012

We are in Launceston and have been made most welcome by Olly’s mate Will and his family. Here are some posts we wrote when we had no internet… We have spent the last week in some amazing and remote places.

30 March 2012

Today was magic. Yesterday afternoon Olly got in touch with a guy he used to work with, Nathan who lives in Strahan on the west coast of Tassie.  We had hoped to catch up with him for a beer or something.  When we arrived, later than planned after an amazing drive through stunning mountain scenery we met Nathan at the cafe/ pub his mum runs. Nathan’s mum was really kind and had taken it on herself and already managed to get us on a boat trip the next day for the cost of lunch rather than the full price. Getting out on the water and seeing the harbour and river is something we were hoping to do in Strahan but were not sure as it costs a fair bit. Strahan is beautifully set on Macquarie Harbour which is twice as big as Sydney Harbour and is fed by the Gordon and mighty Franklin Rivers. There are no roads in this area,  it is only assesible by boat.

So last night we just slept near the beach outside town and woke up to a beautiful morning. We were lucky and had an amazingly sunny and still day, apparently a rarity for the west coast of Tassie. The cruise was amazing! Really a highlight of the past few weeks. We went out through Hells Gates, the entrance to the harbour and  stopped at Sarah Island, one of the first convict settlements  down here and then cruised up the Gordon River and had a walk through the amazing and rare rainforest. The river is truly awe inspiring, the reflections were so clear it was hard to tell which was was up. This is a very special part of the world, we loved the day and felt lucky  to be able to visit it.

Hells Gate lighthouse at the mouth of Macquarie Habour

Macquarie Harbour, Strahan

Maquarie Harbour near Sarah Island

temperate rainforest, Heritage Landing. The beautiful Gordon River

After our fab day out it just kept going, we headed south of town and went for a drive along the the massive Ocean Beach, stopping to see Hells Gate from the beach, watching dolphins and checking out the smelly large remains of some whales that were strewn along the coast. It was really strange to come cross these giant bones scattered around the beach. They stank!

Strange find, Ocean Beach, Strahan

Beautiful afternoon. Ocean Beach

A bit ago we got in touch with Nathan who last night invites us for a barbie on the beach and are now at our camp site near Ocean Beach waiting for Nathan and a few of his mates to come for a barbie with a big salmon he got from work.

What a day!

L and O

1 April 2012

Yesterday we left Strahan, we picked up a few things from the town and kept bumping into Nathan’s family or friends, it was as if we were locals already! Everyone knows everyone here. The barbie on the beach was great with good company, a roaring fire and salmon galore. After leaving Strahan we didn’t make it very far as I had planned to take a side trip. We spent a couple of hours driving to Montezuma Falls, it was a great drive along along a pretty rough and wet muddy track, it was only 14km but took us over an hour each way. We were ready to hit the black stuff after that but only made it up the road to sleep in Zeehan. We have been spoilt over the last couple of weeks and missed camping next to the sea, and we’re a bit let down to be in a caravan park.

Montezuma Falls

Today we got up early (helped as the clocks went back) and set off north further up the west coast, we went down to Corinna where we had to wait for a barge to take us across the river. It was a nice little town of old huts saved from when it was a bustling mining town. From there we drove along a road in the middle of nowhere, three hours not seeing a man made thing part from the gravel road and only two other cars. We eventually got to Arthur River where we stopped at the ranger station and got an offl road driving permit, as we wanted to explore the amazing coastline to the south down to Sandy Cape. We have started down the track through the dunes and crossed the first creek, checking first for the quicksand that the ranger warned us about. We did some exploring and found an isolated little bay and have set up camp for the evening. It’s really still here but the waves are pumping. From this coast you don’t hit land until South America, I wonder how far these waves have come. I feel excited and a little nervous for tomorrow as we head further south and along the beach and across a few rivers. This is one of the things I wanted to do in Tassie and it’s excited we are actually here and getting off the beaten track.

Camping along Sandy Cape track

O and L

3 thoughts on “West Coast

  1. thanks for the great pics getting a little jelous of where you have been you could both be tour guides

  2. Hey O and L .. Looks like you had a lot of fun in tassie.. Hope the track book came in handy?
    Have a great trip and hope to catch up one day

    Best Andre

    • Hi Andre,

      Thanks so much for lending us the book, have you popped into Daniel’s? It is waiting for you there. We had a great time and Sandy Cape was definitely one of the highlights so far. We have been on the road three months now, but it feels as though we only started a couple of weeks ago.

      All the best,


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