heading west

28 March 2012

We are in Mt Field Nat Park tonight. We found a brilliant camp spot next to a creek and its a lovely still evening. We took our chairs down by the creek and have both been reading our books for most of the evening, although we have moved into landy now.

We have spent the last few days on Bruny Island, a very quite very laid back place. It was peaceful and beautiful and I witnessed Olly getting itchy feet to move on. 🙂

We keep finding the most amazing places to stay. Almost every night we fall asleep to the sound of waves and wake up to waves and birds.

Last night we ran into a family we first met in the far north east of Tas. They are from WA and the children are 9 and 12 and as a family are traveling for 6 months. Brilliant!  They live in Margaret River, which is somewhere I love and they have invited us to stay with them when we are over there.

Things are really settling now. Our daily routines in landy are smoother. We know where everything is and are not completely a well oiled machine but not far off. Its getting a bit cooler but fortunately its still pretty warm as it means we can enjoy sitting out in the evenings reading or listening to a pod cast.

Tomorrow we are going to go over to the west and then will be out bush for a few days from there. Olly has his eye on a few out of the way spots.

Today we joined to do some WWOOFing. If you have never heard of it its a program that you register for and then you work on farms in all different part of the country. We will work a few hours a day doing things like gardening, weeding, chopping wood, building fences, planting trees, picking fruit  etc on small family owned (usually organic) farms in exchange for room and board. You can do it a few nights or a few weeks. There is a whole network all over the country. We plan to do it a bit here and there to get our hands dirty, meet some people and do something a little different. I think it will be nice to feel productive as well. When you join you get a book of all of the participating farms and some of the descriptions sound amazing! Macadamia nut farms, mango farms, very remote places, some accessible by water only etc etc. We’ll see what happens but we are going to give it a go.




One thought on “heading west

  1. Hi Lisa and Ods,
    Great to read your blog and to hear how things are banning out.
    We all send our love and greetings for a Very Happy Easter.
    Lots of love A Sue and all at the Farm.
    Hope Landy going well land coping with all the miles you are clocking up!

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