Tasman Peninsula

22 March 2012. I’m full, tired and sitting by a crackling fire a few metres from the sea enjoying a great end to a great day. We are camping in Fortesque Bay, on the Tasman Peninsula, southeast of Hobart and we spent the better part of today walking out to Cape Raoul. The walk was fantastic through eucalypt forest and health along high cliff tops in parts, and out to columns of dolerite 40m tall making up the cliffs at the cape. Paranoia took hold along the way especially when we saw the third snake! A big black, what we now know (after getting back to Landy) was a black tiger snake peering up at Lisa less than a half a foot away. The snake wasn’t bothered, but we were rattled.

On the way to Cape Raoul

At the end of the cape we looked down to the bottom of the cliffs below and had fun watching seals basking on the rocks and playing in the water. It was the first time I had seen so many, and we sat having lunch watching for ages. The way home was the way we had come, we had to run the snake gauntlet again! We set off a little tense but soon our chatting had calmed us, until Lisa let out a shriek as another snake slithered away, this time from right underneath my foot. Four snakes in a day is not good for the nerves of two travelers. Lisa said “that better be the last”, and it was.

At the Cape

Tassie is certainly a great place to start the trip, it is a place that we could spend months exploring (during the summer!). We still have another couple of weeks to get the rest of the way around before we are back to the mainland again.

After the weekend away in Sydney and a couple of nights at John’s house we were happy to be back in Landy, perhaps we are slowly seeing it as home.



22 March 2012 We are at Fortesque Bay in Tasman National Park tonight. There is no phone signal or internet so we will post this and add some photos tomorrow when we get back to Hobart.

We have just tidied up from dinner and can hear the waves lapping. I can also hear possums screeching at each other and the wallabies thumping past. We left our chairs our last night and this morning they had dusty paw prints on them!

This is our second night here and it’s stunning. We left Hobart Wed and pottered our way down to the Tasman Peninsula stopping off here and there. We came to this spot to camp and met a really nice Dutch couple that are on holiday. It was a chilly windy night so we set up some shelter out the back of landy to cook and had some dinner then invited our Dutch neighbours around for a glass of wine and some chocolate Easter eggs. It was our first visitors to landy (BYO chair and plastic cup for the wine of course). So we enjoyed a beautiful bottle of red from the Hunter that I bought in 2007 when my friend Steve was over for a visit, enjoyed it out of our plastic Shrek and Spidey cups. This is the life. We had a really nice evening with the Dutch couple (already forgot their names!! I’m awful with names) and have a business card with a sincere invite to visit them and share another bottle of wine at their home near Amsterdam.

Pillars at Cape Raoul

Today we spent most of the day walking. We did a 6 hours walk to Cape Raoul, which was stunning. Amazing sheer faced sea cliffs, a really nice walk and we enjoyed lunch watching about 40 or so seals sunbaking and swimming. We also shared the walk with four snakes. The first I walked right over, Olly said, “ You just walked over a snake” The last one Olly actually walked on! I said, “You just walked on a snake” Three small ones and one large black snake that we were both very very close to. It gave me a massive fright when I noticed it so close to me and realised Olly had just walked past it, his leg would have been practically brushing its head.  He just had his head up and was watching me- he def saw me before I saw him. He then slowly slithered away. Anyway the walk was amazing and we both enjoyed it heaps. Its great to be walked and fed and happy tired. It’s a calm warm night and we will both sleep well.

We are going to Port Arthur Historic site tomorrow to have a look. For those non Aussies Port Arthur is an old prison from the convict days. We will then spend the afternoon getting back to Hobart, taking our time and then have a few days in Hobart. I’m looking forward to the markets on this weekend which I remember being really good from when I was hear years ago. Always a sucker for a good market and Olly is considering doing some mountain biking.

We have changed our ferry back to the mainland, again. Last time this time. We are now going back to Melbourne Easter Sunday. Just cant get enough of Tas.

Mmmmmm…. After sorting some things in landy I have moved out to the fire. Toasty and lovely and might put me to sleep. Night night.


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