Sydney to Hobart

20 March 2012 Yesterday afternoon we arrived back in Hobart after a long weekend in Sydney. We had four days in Sydney which was a little weird  and great after we both felt like we were getting into the swing of things on the trip. We felt happy we were able to attend John and Melissa’s wedding, it was a lovely afternoon and a fun evening.

It felt good to be in familiar surroundings in Sydney town – we went to sushi, went for a snorkel and even ran into our friend Cathy at the beach and of course just chatted and laughed with Alice and Tom as always. We didn’t want to have too much on for such a short time in Sydney so we didn’t really tell anyone else we were around. Our friend and old neighbour Dan participated in the great shave and shaved his head after raising over $6,000 for cancer research so we were lucky to be in Sydney to go and support him in that. Such a great effort raising all that money!

It was great to have a weekend with Alice and Tom. We miss them already. We both felt a bit mixed to leave- a little sad and a little excited. We will get back into the swing of things- already pretty much have!

Anyway we arrived back to a sunny and warm Hobart (and a flat tyre on landy but thats all sorted now) so we had the evening wandering around the harbour and having fish and chips down by the water. We decided to stay in Hobart today so we went up to have a look at Mt Wellington, which is the imposing and beautiful mountain that seems to watch over the city. It was so much colder up there! We enjoyed a beautiful walk and then walked around an older part of the city and found a gem of a bakery! We are both really liking Hobart. Its a good size with everything you would need, great bush walks close to the city and it seems to have some nice life and is so easy-going. Maybe we have just been lucky but we have enjoyed rock star (and free) parking everywhere we have been. We keep getting out and reading the parking signs over and over thinking we must be reading them wrong! One think I will not miss about Sydney- the bloody parking! 🙂

We have decided to spend a few days down in the Port Arthur area so we will head off tomorrow and then come back and spend the weekend in Hobart before heading south west and then up the west coast. I don’t think the weather is going to be very nice over the next few days but we hope to go on some walks down there.

Olly added a map on the ”About Us” page that he will update every so often to show where we have been. Looking forward to getting back in the groove of being in landy.


L and O

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