loving tassie

15 March 12. We are in Hobart now after a week and a half of loving the east coast. From St Helen’s we broke the back of staying in caravan parks and I don’t think we will look back much.We went up to the far northeast coast to Mt William Nat Park. The first day when we arrived it was raining most of the afternoon so we set up in a beautiful sheltered spot right by the beach and put the awnings up on the side and back so we could still cook and sit outside.  It was good to test that out and it worked well. Since then its been sunny and beautiful every day so we have been loving the  stunning beaches with hurt your eyes white sand, fantastic walks and great camping spots. We stayed a little longer in Mt William than we may have as we had the first (of hopefully not many) landy issues. A dead battery. So after using the sat phone to ring the road side assistance this took about 45 minutes to explain what was going on and where we were after they answered the call by saying “what suburb are you in?” six hours later the roadside angel John arrived and got us going then we went ahead and stayed the night again and he went fishing up the road from us! There seems to be a drain on the battery somehow so we will have to figure that out but all is good at the moment. That was a test for us- of our patience for landy and each other and also a good reminder of the condition the landy has to be in for some of the much more remote areas we want to go to.

After 3 or 4 days at Mt William we made our way down the coast to Freycinet Nat Park and Coles Bay area. The first night we arrived we were a bit tired and not really feeling like cooking so we were tempted to eat out but ended up having cold sausage (left overs) and hot chip (from fish and chip shop) sandwiches on the rocks at Honeymoon Bay while watching an amazing sunset- better than dinner in any restaurant.  🙂 We went on a great walk to the top of Mt Amos. It involved plenty of scrambling over large boulders and my legs are feeling it but we so enjoyed it and the view at the top made me breathless (after the breathless from the walk/scramble up!). When we got down and were still hot and sweaty we went for a snorkel. The water is colder than Sydney at this time of year, more like Sydney in Nov. Brrr…. when you first get in but ok if the sun is on you.

We are still getting used to landy and to living in such close quarters. We both think sometimes it still feels like we are on holiday and will be going back home and back to work anytime now and other times it really feels like we have been on the road for double the what we have. Time is starting to slow down. We pretty much wake up whenever we do- usually when the birds are so loud you cant ignore them anymore. We are pretty slow in the mornings and evenings as cooking and packing up takes a bit of time still. Plus we just potter around doing bits and pieces. We are moving out of ”living in a house ” time and certainly away from the time realities of 2 people who have full lives and work full time. During the days we have been going out for walks and in the evenings we have been making dinner, which takes ages to make it all and then get it all packed away but we enjoy it. Then reading or listening to some podcasts that we have downloaded. We are currently on “A History of the World in 100 Objects”. Then off to bed. We had a night at a caravan park the other night and got all the washing done and had showers, very nice! Overall it’s all going really well, although we both def have our moments of frustration of trying to get something and having to dig around for it and move other things- landy is not the 2 bedroom place we have lived in for 3 and a half years!

We are going back to Sydney for the weekend for a wedding of a good mate of Olly’s. Feels weird to go back when we are really getting in to things but it will good to go to the wedding and great to have a weekend with Alice and Tom. Then back to Tas and down south and over to the west coast.


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