a catch up….  sunday we had a night in melbourne with a friend of mine, they very kindly put us up at theirs. we went out at one of the fab pubs melbourne seems to be full of. the next day we had an early start for the ferry to tasmania. the queen mary 2 was also in melbourne so it was a busy place when we got down to the port, ours looked small compared to that massive ship! we were both really excited for the ferry and to go to tassie. in a way it feels like its really starting now. anyway we had plans for the 9 hours to do some reading, chatting about what to do in tassie and i was going to speak  to family on skype. i did a bit of emailing and then spoke to my brother and then i had to run down 2 levels to make it to the toilet to be sick! anyway i spent about 5 of the 9 hours sleeping while olly wondered the boat, watched part of a film and looked over maps and tassie info. i dont know where my sea legs were as it was not that rocky!

when we arrived in davenport we were excited, it was a beautiful evening and it looks pretty as you come in on the boat. we went to find our place for the night and then went to a beach just west of town after dark to watch some penguins come in from the sea. they were gorgeous! they run ( or waddle run) from the sea up the beach and find their young who make all sorts of noise waiting for them – they are hungry! we both loved it. anyway we had one night there and the next morning (tuesday i think, yeah yesterday) we went to an aboriginal cultural centre, went for a walk and did some jobs like landy stuff and shopping. then we spent the rest of yesterday driving and stopping here and there to have a look at things. we ended up at a great spot for the night right on a perfect little beach we had to ourselves at bridport and had a perfect evening there, warm (ish) and made dinner- all very civilized with some lovely brie we bought in southern nsw and a nice (cask!) red and some yummy pasta.

this morning we enjoyed the drive over to st helens, on the east which is where we are tonight.  we stopped on the way to have  short walk to a waterfall, beautiful walk. we treated ourselves to fish and chips on a boat for dinner and are settling in for the night. olly has been doing something to seal the windows- design flaw if you ask me!

tomorrow we are going up north to a national park and will be out touch for about 4 or 5 days. looking forward to spending several nights in one spot. supposed to be one day of rain this week then nice although cool (21 ish, so not far off sydney really!) its funny how aware of the weather we are now!  we are hoping to do some walking and then when we come back down here some kayaking.

practically we are still sorting things out in landy- we went on a our first bumpy road today and a few things fell all over so thats a good lesson, to know what needs sorting! we are still getting used to such a small space and having to move stuff to get to something but to have the space we have in landy as a seating area is worth it. sometimes it feels cosy and sometimes it feels annoying! ollys list of jobs to do on landy when we go back to sydney in april is growing.

O and L



One thought on “tassie

  1. Dear Olly and Lisa, We are so excited for you every thing sounds like a dream! Sitting on a beach seeing penguins, waterfalls and just being together and sharing this beautiful dream. Love Hi you two Landy lovers. Glad one of you feels better and the man of the house is still rock solid!!! To Olly–Keep babying that gal and she will feel better. We both love you and love this blog shit thing. “I can’t believe this is going to be our only way to communicate for a while. Mom hogged the note you sent so this might be a little odd sounding but you should be used to that. Mom and I are going to Thermop fri night and plan to get a lot done Park Store Cabin. I am looking forward to 9 dys off. Buttttt I will be ready to go back to work by the end of spring break!!! When I get back I will start working on house to get er ready to sell LOVE YOU BOTH Dad will say goodnight for now.

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