the sun is back

although its only been a few days it feels ages but the sun is back. we have had a lovely day on the mornington peninsula (south of melbourne). this morning after breakfast we joined a clean up australia day clean up on a beach not far from where we stayed. we had a great walk along the beach, so nice to be out in the fresh air and out of the rain and landy. we have been stopping at a few places along the peninsula and found a great gallery. we both picked what we would buy if we had $8,000. and a house to put it in. we are on our way to melbourne for an evening. we have to be at the port in the morning at 7:30 for the ferry, its a 9 hour trip, looking forward to it.





One thought on “the sun is back

  1. You’ll love Tassie! Hope the weather’s kind – at least you’re leaving the floods behind. I bet it was nice to get out and walk and stretch a bit, being couped up for you two must drive you bonkers! Looking forward to next instalment.

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