on the road…

well here we are, only a few days in though. we left sydney a week later than planned and had booked our ferry to tassie which means we have had less time than hoped to get to melbourne (where we get the ferry from). on thursday (1 march) we spent the morning finishing stuffing the last few bits in (literally stuffing by the last things- shoes and toilet paper). then we left alice and toms place and went to clovelly and went to see our rocks where we did our clovelly wedding before we headed off.  anyway then we stopped at wayside chapel (homeless drop in centre we are a bit involved with) to drop off soap and shampoo and then….. we left sydney.

the weather had been hot in sydney but that changed just before we left. the weather all over nsw and most of vic has been awful- flooding etc. so we were not sure what we were driving into. we were going to go down through the mountains in nsw and vic and stop and see ollys friends bianca (hi bianca, we will make it!) but we heard they were evacuating some houses there so we thought it best to go a different way, so we headed down the coast.

considering everything we heard on the radio and the rain on the radar online we have been pretty lucky with the rain, its been wet but could have been much worse. we did see some pretty bad flooding today, on the vic side. as we were driving towards it we were wondering what lake we were approaching then realised it was not a lake at all, well not supposed to be anyway. there didn’t appear to be any houses under but a lot of property under and tree and fences poking up.

tonight we are south of melbourne and will spend tomorrow having a look around the mornington peninsula before going to melbourne and have a night with a friend and ex colleague of mine. we are off to tassie first thing monday morning. we are both excited and keep saying we are going on holiday in tas. 🙂 looking forward to having some nights in the same place and are holding out hope for some sun. we have been in landy a fair bit with the driving and the wet weather so we both cant wait to go on some walks as well.

we have been easing ourselves in and staying in caravan parks with toilets and under cover cooking areas because of the weather and look forward to some bush camping spots in tas. if feels pretty weird to actually be on the road. in some ways i feel like we are settling in pretty quickly. getting used to where things are in landy, getting some systems and routines. and in other ways if feels so very very strange that we dont work anymore and dont have our unit anymore and are now living in landy, sometimes if feels like we are away for a long weekend. life has really changed, this is the next stage of life for us. and although its very exciting and i feel so lucky the magnitude of it feels a bit overwhelming to me sometimes. i think if we were going back to sydney after it would feel less so. so we are thinking of the trip in bits at the moment- tassie, then east coast etc. then then then africa and uk.

the weeks before we left were so busy and we both found them stressful. it was the balancing of all the things that had to be done and when they get done as well as there just being so much more to do then we could have thought of and of course everything taking longer than we thought. as mum said we have not done this before so we didnt know what would have to be done and how long it would take. so many people helped us out so much- we are so lucky to have such good mates- we had help moving, cleaning, storing and of course alice and tom let us live with them for 10 days- which was great anyway as it was so good to have some time with them. but there were some times we thought we were loosing it a bit and trying to remember what we were doing. a few days before we left we went down for a snorkel and saw the big blue groper that we love and so loved being in the water as we both do. that reminded us of us. 🙂

anyway as we thought (well hoped) would happen that stressful bit is fading maybe even has faded and now its us in landy.

bring on tassie….. and the sun.




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