landy warming

well we have not been on here for a bit not because we are bush and have no internet, nope- actually we are in randwick! which for those who do not know is about 10 min from home, at alice and toms place. the last week has been full on! we will be leaving soooooon. more on that later but for now i wanted to share some photos (now that i know how to!) these are mostly of the recent landy party we had but a few of landy too as asked for by nick. 🙂

a few weekends ago we had a landy warming (instead of house warming) as we really didnt want to say bye to everyone so we didnt! most but not all of our wonderful people were able to be there. It was a beautiful sunny day in Sydney until about an hour before we were to start. we rang tom and the radar was discussed and decided to just set up a shelter. when we got to the park the boys merrily set up a large tarp (many a camping trips the boys have set this up, they love it!) and made us a perfect shelter. it was needed, it rained which cleared the park out so when the sun came out we had the place to ourselves for some frisbee and cricket. it was great to have ollys colleague maryanne and her daughter there as well as very dear friends alice and tom, vibs and josh (and of course anton). daniel and his lovely family were able to make it (daniel is the person responsible for our amazing pop top!!) our great neighbors and friends, cathy, daniel and lucas came along. simon, john, melissa and matt were also able to come. it was good fun to have most people we wanted there -although some special notable exceptions were not able to make it and were much missed.

Anyway it was a fun afternoon of good food, some cricket, great company and olly got to give people a tour of the landy and all its bits- soon we will properly move in and move out of alice and tom’s, who have been so very very good to put us up. its been great to spend some time with them before we go.

more soon… l

3 thoughts on “landy warming

  1. What great photos – thanks for the post. The Boys are very impressed with the Landy and are looking forward to going camping! Not sure they realise they will have to wait for at least a year!!

  2. Hi sweeties. It all looks really fab and the landy is looking mighty fine. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Lots of love and luck xx

  3. Hey Ol and Lisa, So excited for you to be almost ready to go – so long in the talk, plans and prep, must be great to be almost off.
    Now just take care and look after each other on route…be thinking of you and wishing you well.
    Love and good Luck, Jen x

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