last day at work

15th Feb
I’m on the train riding over the harbour bridge, if I look past the 7 lanes of traffic, I can see the harbour glistening as the early sun plays on the waters.

I have become used to this little snapshot, a stark contrast from trundling along under the city watching the fluorescent lights race past, at this moment I could be in any city on the planet, and then pop, out you come onto the iconic bridge with the bustling morning harbour spread out before you.  Today is my last day at work, it has let me appreciate again the train ride, crossing the bridge and heading into the leafy north shore.

It has been nearly 5 years since I first took the train to work in Sydney, it is funny how quickly that can all be turned off.  Tomorrow I’ll be an outsider at work, and in a couple of weeks we will have entered another part of our life.


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