8 Feb 2012 I am not a high stress person BUT the last few days have felt full on to me. In Dec when we had a few weeks off work and were well rested and relaxed it seemed reasonable to finish work 2 days before we are planning to leave. My final day of work being the same day we hand in the keys to our unit also seemed sane. Really?!?

Leaving our jobs, packing, shipping, storing, moving, applying for my settlment visa to the UK, cleaning our unit and getting ready to go travel for over a year is a lot to do at one time. That seems obvious now. 🙂  Also FLAT OUT at work, of course.

The main thing that has been stressful this week is the settlement visa to the UK…. the paperwork, the evidence and mostly the timing- as I have to send all my original documents off to them, including my passports, birth cert and marriage certificate so we wont have them for several months at least. I hope it goes smoothly once we have sent it away.

At times it feels like we speak to each other in short burts of things we need to do or have just marked off the list and then fall into a tired overwhelmed silence.

We have started packing though and Olly finishes work in a less than a week so thats def helping with the it feeling real thing.




3 thoughts on “overload

  1. I like the way you put “What the hell are we doing”!!! Do not fear my dear It will be a great adventure Love Dad

  2. Hi Lisa and Olly, thanks for the bbq party last night. It was great to see you and check out the Landy set-up – your new home! – and to meet some of your friends. I’m sure we’ll get to connect with them again on here!
    I look forward to reading about your adventures on here, and to keeping in touch. We’ll be sure to let you know when any units become vacant again in our building, to entice you back!
    Lisa – how will you get your passpart and original docs back again (in time)? That would stress me out big time. No wonder you are feeling less than your usual calm self!
    Let me know if we can help you with packing/cleaning. No trouble for us to pop up for a bit.
    Cheers, Cathy

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