Getting ready

I have been feeling all sorts of things in the last few weeks. Excitement, nerves, and at times a ”what the hell are we doing?”

At the moment though it all feels surreal. We are still going about our daily lives- we get up and go to work in the morning, coming home, catching up with mates etc. It’s hard to believe at times that in a short period of time  we will not have this unit, our jobs and living in landy.

Over the next month ish we will be packing up our unit, finishing up at work, shipping some things to the UK, getting all settled into landy and finish the other banking and medical stuff we need to do. Oh and finish sorting my visa to live in the UK. Then we will stay with the lovely Alice and Tom for a few nights. Im going to miss Sydney and our life here, this is so my home. But I’m excited for our adventure and most of all Im so excited to do this with Olly, excited that this is our thing.



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