This Trip Might Be Real

This is it.  It has come to that point when I realise we are actually going to set off on this adventure together.  Two days ago I gave in my resignation at work.  This was always the point at which I thought the trip would become real – and boy has it.

I was prepared for being nervous about quitting my job, but not prepared for how my heart raced the next morning when I realised all the things we still have to do, and all that we are going to give up.  We are very fortunate that we have an amazing life here in Sydney.  The fear of the unknown is gripping us, the trip, living in Landy, what is going to happen after the trip, are we going to be able to find jobs in the UK?  It all seems too much right now.

The trip is not something we have taken lightly, it’s what we have decided to do when we were as sound of mind as we ever get.  The excitement will come back and propel us onwards, and our journey together can start!

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