About Us

This is all about… well as it says ”our big trip”. Our big trip, as we have come to call it when we refer to it (which is often now we are closer to leaving!) is something we have been speaking about in a way since we first met each other in 2007. When we first met and were getting to know each other we both said in one way or another that we would like to do some big travel one day.  Olly’s was always going to be in Africa – a long held dream to drive a Landy around Africa and Lisa’s a desire to have one more period in her life when she just headed off to…. wherever. For Lisa it was less about a specific place and more about shaking things up in life and for a period of time going back to travel for everything it has given her.

A few vague comments about heading off grew as our relationship did and at some point we had this big (crazy?) idea to drive the length of Africa, up the east. We were both also interested in traveling in Australia so we talked about the possibility of ‘doing it all at once’. We thought at this stage in our lives we are not likely to pack up and do something like this twice. Finally we started talking about making it all the way to the UK and that fitted nicely with Olly wanting to go back to the UK for a period.

Writing this now it sounds a little out there but early in our relationship the conversations started small then grew big and involved much excitement and great long conversations and dreaming. At some stage we stopped saying ”if we do this trip” and started saying ”when we go on our big trip”. A dream was born. So this is about our BIG TRIP. We have never done anything like a blog before so we are still figuring this out but we really want a record for us and very much want to share as much as we can with the people we are close to and this felt like a way to do it. Another (if secondary) reason for us is to share with others who may find themselves on this site excitedly planning their own ”big trip”. Information others have been willing to share from their travels has been essential for us in planning, budgeting, and dreaming so we will also be sharing our trip preparation, route, planning and budget. We are happy for people to be in touch with questions if you are starting your own dreaming.

December 2011, Sydney

Sydney to Loughborough in the UK in 498 days!